Monday, February 27, 2017

Oh, I Thought You Was Waving At Me

I was at the Family Dollar buying a bag of Cooler Ranch Doritos and orange soda for the night. I was staring at the grocery bag, not paying attention to anyone in my way. When I raised my head up I saw this guy waving his head towards me. based on my eye position, I speculated that he was talking to me. I didn't know the guy, but I assumed he knew me. I'm a social person so I might've known the man a social event or something.

Within seconds of being close to the cashier, I waved my hand at him.

He gave me this awkward look on his face as if I was weird or something. Before I knew it, I heard someone shout the name "Paul."

I turned around and there was this woman who ran past me and towards the guy. They kissed. That's when I realized it wasn't me he was waving at. I was the wrong person. I bought my stuff and ran out the Family Dollar as fast as I could.

Now that was awkward.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

'Beauty & The Beast' Final US Trailer Is Here

I don't know about you, but I'm eagerly excited for this upcoming movie. Just by watching the final trailer, I know this is going to be epic. You have Emma Watson looking beautiful as our wonderful Belle. You also have Dan Stevens, who is an actor I never heard of, looking amazing in a live action version of the Beast. A part of me is trongly believing that more of this fairy tale story has been added to the movie.

In the meantime, enjoy the final trailer below. I, for one, am spellbound by Emma Watson's singing voice. Who knew our fellow former Hermoine Granger actress can sing and sing well.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

45 Thoughts That Goes Through Your Mind When You Meet Someone Cute On The Subway

I'm almost there.
Can the train go any faster?
This weather is crazy.
Can't wait to be home.
One more stop.
People are coming out.
People are coming in.
Who is that?
He's pretty cute.
He's sitting across from me.
The train is moving.
I can't stop looking at him.
He sees me looking.
Duck your head down quick!
How embarrassing.
He's going to think I'm some kind of stalker.
Why do I feel someone staring at my scalp?
I look up.
I see him looking at me.
He looks to the right, pretending he didn't see me.
He seems interested in me.
I could be wrong.
Maybe I should walk over.
Maybe I shouldn't.
He'll think I'm some kind of stalker.
But he could be the love of my life.
Maybe he should come over.
No, I'll make the first move.
Here we go.
My train stop is here.
Time to go.
I leave the train.
I feel him glaring at my back.
I turn around.
He sees me. 
I see him. 
We locked eyes.
The subway door closes.
It's driving away.
We're still looking at each other until no more.
Good subway eye candy for the day.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"FlockU" - Harry Potter Themed Pasta Restaurant Is Now Open

A lot of dreams have really come true for a lot of Harry Potter fans. There is a pasta restaurant that is open in Brooklyn. Click below to read the rest of my journalism piece.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"FlockU" - Fans Petition To Make Princess Leia An Official Disney Princess

My new contributing piece for the college website "FlockU" has been published. An online petition is going on to make Princess Leia an official Disney princess, now that Star Wars is now owned by Disney. Was is your opinion on it?

Click on the link below or give me your opinion in the comment section.