Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Own Personal "Hangover" Experience

Last night, I was watching The Hangover for the first time. After watching this movie, I decided to play it again. This is the best buddy comedy I have ever seen in my whole. I have seen many buddy comedies, but this one just rose to the top of the charts in my book.

Once I finished watching it the second time, I realized that I have my own experience related to this movie. It's not outrageous like this movie, but it was still a crazy Las Vegas experience.

I was part of a performing arts program when I was in high school. We were on tour and the first place we were scheduled to perform was Las Vegas. It was my first time on an airplane and my first time in Vegas.

We arrived, checked into our hotel, and were having a good time by night time. Once night arrived, we were partied out from a good time at the Flamingo Hotel. Once I got to my hotel room, something was wrong. My hotel key wasn't working. I thought it was because it was because it was right next to my cell phone. So I went downstairs and got my key repaired. I walked in and got an unbelievable scene.

The room was full of beer bottles, used condoms, dirty bed sheets, and cigarette butts everywhere. I could have sworn I also smell weed when I was in there. But I didn't think about looking for it. The second I was in, I was out of there the next second. I called my mentor and we found out what our real hotel room was.

Even till this day, I remember that hotel room like it was yesterday. Thank The Hangover.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Does Your Own Hair Make You Breakout?

One thing I realize is that my own hair makes my face breakout. It's a crazy thing, but it is true. That's added to another reason why I don't like alot of hair on me. I have had numerous thoughts of shaving my legs, but don't go ahead with it. Now the hair on my head has become a problem.

I looked in the mirror one time and my face just broke out. The only thing that was on my face were tiny strands of my hair. I couldn't believe. I am off to the barber today after a meeting.

Has this ever happened to you? Does your own hair make you breakout?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Factoidz: How To Know The Friendship Is Over

Friendship is probably the most important thing in a person’s life. What most people don’t realize is that friends go through a lot of what couples go through. That’s why everyone wonders why people get extra emotional when it involves friends. Even though it is hard to admit we begin to think if it’s time to end that friendship. No matter how long the friendship last whether it’s two weeks or more than ten years.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Burger King Is Trying To Compete

A few weeks ago, my mom decided to fight back at me by cooking food for a week that she knows I hate. I looked into the kitchen one time and noticed that it was cabbage. I hate eating cabbage. I've never loved, even if I was a kid. There were times when I was little that I wanted to just dump all the cabbage in the world and make sure it never exists.

Since this what was going to be on the table every night for the next week, I realized that I was going to eat nothing but take out. That was fine by me. It's not like it's the first time I done that. The only different thing about was that I was going to be eating it for a whole week.

On Monday, I had McDonald's. Like always, something crazy happened over there. But that is another story I am going to do. I knew that night I wasn't going to be eating it for a whole week. On Tuesday, I decided to go to Burger King, which was only three blocks away from McDonald's.

Once I was inside things looked pretty normal. Of course, I was only person in there. I immediately expected that. Even the food at Burger King is so good, the prices are way too high. I never expected the food to cost this much.

However, it's not like I can afford it. I am in the middle class people. I am not a millionaire yet, but everyone is predicting that I am going to be one because of the fact that I am doing stand-up comedy, acting films, television, and web series, writing books, screenplays, blog posts, and poetry, hosting events, and singing. Even though I am not a millionaire I got money people!

I ordered a Double Cheeseburger (my traditional fast food meal) and a medium ICEE.

While I was waiting on my meal the lady gave me my ICEE, and we went through the money process. Once we were done, I heard something bubbling out. My drink started erupting from the inside and it was coming out of the cup. It was like a mini eruption and it took us ten napkins to clean up the mess.

I was laughing my butt off a few seconds later. Not because of the drink, but because it was happening at Burger King. Normally, I would expect this to happen to me at McDonald's. Not this time. This time it was happening at Burger King.

I left the building thinking Is Burger King trying to ruin my relationship with McDonald's?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Music Video: Chris Brown Yeah 3x

Chris Brown just premiered his new music video for his single Yeah 3x. I already like the song, but the video now makes me love it.

When I first listened to the song it felt like a real feel good track. This song is all about loving yourself and enjoying your life. The music video represents that. The choreography is absolutely amazing. I love the way everyone is in the video having a good time. That's what I thought the video was going to be like.

Of course, you will count on Chris Brown to remind people how he can dance, but I was thinking about it as a feel good song for everyone. I'm so glad my prediction came true. His new album F.A.M.E comes out in 2011. I am looking forward to it.

Scream 4 Comes To Scare Us Again

I just finished watching the trailer for Scream 4 and I am already waiting for it to come out. I have been addicted to this movie franchise for a long time. Kevin Williamson is writing the script again and Wes Craven is back to doing what he does best. Scaring the crap out of us with his directorial work.

Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courteney Cox are back to playing their roles. The plot looks a little confusing with all the extra actors involved in them. I do understand why there are alot. If there weren't they'll have to kill the main characters. After all, why is it called a horror film if at least one person isn't dead.

If you are a fan of the Scream series like I am, you're gonna love it.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Music Video Review: Rihanna "Only Girl (In The World)"

After a long day of work, I finally went to the internet and watched the premiere of Rihanna's new music video.

I watched the video twice and I am astounded by this video. It's visuals are on point, and the setting is great for the song. Rihanna is definitely becoming one of the greatest pop stars on the planet. It surprises me how she is still on tour, and she has time to record another album.

This song has become her sixteenth top 10 hit when the song jumped to number 3 on the Billboard Charts. Her new album Loud comes out on Nov. 12. Rihanna is not going anywhere and she is going to bring another amazing album to us in less than a month.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Dating A Mr. Big: Healthy or Unhealthy Emotional Relationship

When it comes to relationships, we always find ourselves in a situation where we meet a Mr. Big. Whether it's male or female, we run into someone like Big. If you're still unaware of what I'm saying, there is a character created on the hit television series Sex and the City that fits the profile.

The up and down relationship between Carrie and Big has made me think about relationships for years. Whenever I look at Big, it was like looking in the mirror. He was a reminder on how we become emotionally attacked that is hard to handle. For fans of the show, they starts asking these similar question.

Have we ever dated a Big?

Here are some ways to know if you dated someone like him. You can also include him on the female side. Don't be looking at a gender. There are female Bigs too.

1) Have you ever been in a relationship where you felt situations weren't getting resolved until you had to argue after you've been discussing the same thing three times in a row?

2) Did your mate ever tell you that they have to travel somewhere two days before they had to go?

3) This is something that I see alot. After breaking up, you decide to remain friends. You keep each other updated on each others lives. Then Big is suddenly crushed about his life, he decided to stalk you in order to get closer. Then when you're asking him these questions, he ignores it and attempts to take you back. Most of the time, it happens.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is Women Abuse Equal To Men Abuse?

In the past, men have been the ones under fire for being abusive in relationships. Now, as more and more victims of domestic abuse are speaking out, a new trend in the violence is surfacing.

We're talking to women who've admitted to hitting, punching, even kicking (in stilettos) their boyfriends and husbands. It's stuff like this that is very shocking. When it comes to men our dangerous weapon is our hands and mouth. As for women, it is their mouth. Nowadays, physical abuse has gone down and emotional abuse is rising up the charts.

Some people only believe in abuse when someone put their hands on him/her. What they don't know is that emotional abuse exist. There are times when dangerous words can leave emotional scars on a person. Sadly, it lasts longer than physical scars.

From the way things are going throughout the world, abuse is starting to become equal towards men and women.

When I realized things like this was going on in life, it got me thinking. Is women abuse equal to men abuse?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Movie Review: The Ugly Truth

Working on different projects have been incredibly exhausting for me. So when I finally got the chance to relax this weekend, I managed to lay down and watch a romantic comedy movie that I haven't seen in quite a long time now. Lately, I've been seeing nothing but screwball comedies in order to get into that world. But everyone knows I love the romantic comedy world more than the others.

This weekend, I got to see The Ugly Truth, starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. I will say that this was a romantic comedy story that I have never seen before. It's pure original and the dialogue was on point.

This movie is about a romantically challenged morning show producer who is reluctantly embroiled in a series of outrageous tests by her chauvinistic correspondent to prove his theories on relationships and help her find love. His clever ploys, however, lead to an unexpected result.

If you guys watched the movie you will know what the results are. I give this movie an excellence in story and dialogue, but there weren't certain scenes that really rubbed me the wrong. There were times where it was confusing and uncomfortable to watch.

The Ugly Truth is a movie to see, but there are times where you will feel disgusted.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Movie Review: Date Night

Before this movie even came out, I always thought that Tina Fey and Steve Carell were going to do a movie together one day. Three years later, I got my wish, and they worked together in one of the best screwball comedies I haven't seen in a very long time. If you guys want to watch an extremely plotted screwball comedy, I recommend you go get Date Night on DVD now.

I am a huge fan of both of them. Tina Fey for her amazing work on Saturday Night Live and her Emmy-award winning television show 30 Rock. She is one of the most original writers I have ever seen. Every single episode she has written for the show ended up being one of my favorite episodes on the show. Then she started doing movies like Baby Mama. Not a day goes by that I am inspired by her work in comedy.

I am also a fan of Steve Carell. I watch The Office every second I get and I am sad that this is his final season on the show. Dan In Real Life is still to this day one of my favorite comedies from him. When it comes to him he is a true master of improv. Tina Fey is great as well.

In New York City, a case of mistaken identity turns a bored married couple's attempt at a glamorous and romantic evening into something more thrilling and dangerous.

Date Night
is the perfect movie to give you a good laugh while laying on the couch. You won't get bored for a single second. I sure didn't, so I know you'll like it. If you like my review, I am sure you are seconds away from going on Netflix or driving 110 miles an hour to a nearby Blockbuster.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Movie Review: Resident Evil: Afterlife

I spent the time this weekend to watch Resident Evil: Afterlife. I am a huge fan of the fantasy world. So it was obvious that I was going to watch this movie.

Recently, the fourth movie broke the franchise's record by grossing over $27 million dollars opening weekend here in America. It made $73 million dollars opening weekend worldwide. After watching these numbers I just knew this was going to happen. The fourth movie was by far the best in the entire franchise.

The storyline was clear. They wrote an amazing script. Milla Jovovich kicks butt more than any female action star that I've been watching throughout the years. The entire supporting cast each carried their own in this movie, but I was looking at Milla's character and how she interacted with the others.

If anyone is a fan of fantasy, horror, thriller, action, adventure, or science fiction this movie is all of that rolled into one. I highly recommend this film to everyone.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All My Friends Are Everywhere And That's Bad

I am extremely happy to have friends all over the planet. I have friends in Los Angeles, New York, and Maryland. It feels great. Friendship is the most important thing in life. I care about people. That's why I'm feeling the way I'm feeling right now.

Even though it is good to have my friends everywhere it feels sad because I'm am lonely here in New Orleans. All of my friends are around the world while I am alone here in New Orleans.

I'm sure I will be able to get over this, but this is just one of those days where I'm feeling lonely because no one is here with me.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Me Performing Stand Up Comedy For Interactive Website

Weeks ago, I got the chance to perform stand up comedy for an interactive website. I had an amazing time doing this. I loved every moment of this project. The guy who did this Dylan Allen was an amazing person. Whenever it was time to work we clicked instantly. I love him and hope I can work with him in the future.

Now I am just excited to show you guys a piece of my talent. There are so many things I can do. I am an entertainer in many different fields. So here is just a taste of what I could do.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Factoidz: How To Stop The Rollercoaster Relationship

I have written a new article for Factoidz. This article is all about stopping the roller-coaster that any of us are in. I was one who went through an up and down relationship. So I have huge experience knowing something like this.

Click the picture to read the article

Monday, July 26, 2010

Poetry: Erased Memories

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I want my sadness to go away
But the elephant in the room brings the memories back
I am person of forgiveness, the extremely hard decision
Just the thoughts of saying it makes it hard to crush resentment
Once you finally say it, the pain will recover
Then you can sleep peacefully without thinking about a physical response
Even though I have accepted forgiveness
How do I handle the elephant repeating it's actions
Day after day, it's the same actions
The past is starting to overshadow the present
No matter how many times I move on
I can feel the elephant's nose holding me tight around my waist
This begins to bring back the erased memories
Memories I try to wipe away
Memories that made me stay in hot water ninety minutes straight
Memories that prevent me from functioning
The memories that take over my body with just one thought
The memories that makes me numb every time I think about it
As I continue on to write my story
I leave it as they are, erased memories

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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Social Network Trailer

We finally get a chance to see how one of the greatest social networking sites in the world was created. You want to watch the history of Facebook? Well now you finally get the chance.

The film features an ensemble cast which consists of Jesse Eisenberg, Brenda Song,[2] Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield, Rashida Jones, Max Minghella, Rooney Mara, and Joseph Mazzello.

The film was written by Aaron Sorkin, one of my favorite screenwriters on the planet. Everyone probably knows him as the creator and head writer of the political drama The West Wing. When I found out that he was writing another film, I knew I had to see this film.

Team Victoria vs. Team Voldemort?

After reading this post on one of my favorite websites, I finally grew tired of the comparisons and rivalry they are trying to create towards The Twilight Sage and The Harry Potter Series.


In the beginning, I ignored it. I know there were so much press going on regarding the new movies coming out from each of the franchises. The Twilight Saga: Eclispe was breaking box office records, and the trailer for Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows was released everywhere, and the reception towards the trailer were very positive.

Then I am browsing the websites to get some more news on my favorite series. Suddenly, they set up a question between the teams of the vampire villain Victoria in the Twilight Series, and the dark wizard Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series.

Honestly, is there really supposed to be a comparison here?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Album Review: Miley Cyrus "Can't Be Tamed"

Miley Cyrus has definitely grown up right in front of our faces. For me, I saw Miley Cyrus on the very first episode of Hannah Montana when the show first premiered. Ever since then, I have been a huge fan of this girl.

Once her new album Can't Be Tamed finally arrived, I was more than ready to start listening to her amazing music. What I love about her music and the record company is that she has been given creative freedom. She's not just given a track and the producers say "You have to sing these lyrics we've written like this."

She personally writes her own songs from different situations and let the world listen. Fans relate to her songs because boys and girls around her age are going through similar situations, and it feels great to have the story told every chance they get.

When Can't Be Tamed was released, I already understood the direction she was going. If you have seen teenagers around her age (just like me), you will know they are going through adolescent times she is talking about. We all have those times where we wanted to act out and be free of different types of discipline. Miley Cyrus is becoming an adult soon, and she is singing about what she's feeling around that time. When I started listening to the tracks, I could already relate to some of them.

I'll talk about my top ranked songs for the album.

1. Liberty Walk- 10/10
The moment I heard this track, it has become one of my favorite tracks from Miley Cyrus. Not only do I love the pop rock beat, but I am definitely touched by the lyrics. In the beginning, I thought this song was about becoming what you want to be in life. It's kind of like what I felt when I heard Can't Be Tamed. Then when I found out this song was about leaving an abusive relationship, my respect from Miley went up another level.

2. Who Owns My Heart 8/10

3. Can't Be Tamed 10/10
You all know how I feel about this song. We all reach that point in our life where we grow out of our cage, and it's now time to let ourselves loose. That's exactly how I felt when I heard this song. With this song debuting at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100, this song will always be remembered in Miley's catalog.

4. Every Rose Has It's Thorn 10/10
I will admit. In the beginning, I was angry at Miley for choosing to cover this song. Then I took that chance and listened to the track. In the first chorus, I fell in love with this. Days later, I found out that Poison rejected so many artists for trying to cover their song. So you got the approval from Bret Michaels, then you got the approval from all of us.

5. Two More Lonely People 5/10

6. Forgiveness and Love 7/10

7. Permanent December 7/10

8. Stay 7/10

9. Scars 8/10

10. Take Me Alon 7/10

11. Robot 5/10

12. My Heart Bents For Love 10/10
No words can express how much I love this song. So I won't try to get into details on that. All I can say is that it is a perfect present for her friend that Miley recorded it for.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Me and The TEST Finally Met

Weeks ago, I filled out an online application for this job I wanted to get. The application was filled out from beginning to end. Then there came the last question in the middle of the application.

The question read "When was your last HIV test?"

My heart suddenly stop for one second, as if I was ready to suffer from cardiac arrest. I haven't had sex in about a year. So if I was HIV positive, I was sure to feel some in my system by now. For some people, you'll never know. However, my body is different from others. Any time I had something going on inside, I could feel it instantly. You name it, I felt it, and some of them were things I wish I have never felt. At the end of the day I wasn't scared because I felt like I was infected. I was scared due to the fact that I was going to take my first HIV Test the next day.

Now let me fast forward to the office. Just talking about my way there just don't make any sense. All you need to now is that my cologne and lotion was sweating off so much, people walking around felt like I just left a pool party. I was never sweating, but those two accessories made it look like I was.

I entered the building feeling very confused. My glasses had already fogged up. My heart was beating so fast, it sounded like it was singing Bamboula. It was all good inside of me. NOT!

I walked upstairs and went through the procedure. I put the stick in my mouth. The woman running the place was going through the questionnaire with me. Normally, people would run for the hills when they are being asked about their sex lives. If you are close to me, I will talk to you about anything. However, I ain't afraid to answer the basic questions to anyone. I just told you guys I haven't got laid in a year. The last piece of action I've gotten for the past year is with that razor I use to shave my ass.

For the next half hour I sat in the waiting room reading FAQ's on brochures. If I remembered I had to wait thirty minutes for the test results to come in, I would've brought the Jackie Collins novel I was reading at the time with me.

While waiting, I did one of the craziest things on the planet. I started reminiscing about my sexual experiences a year ago. I am not a player. All of my relationships last a long time, but the ones I've dated are sex freaks. The whole thirty minutes felt like a whole day in the interrogation room. My mind was swirling like an amusement park when it was over. This proves that the boy next door always have better sex in the end.

Everything I was thinking about went away once the lady walked out of the room said "We have your test results."

I walked in and she said my test results came back negative. I couldn't tell you how excited I felt when I heard. I have been an extremely healthy man, and it showed medically on paper. I walked out that building with extreme confidence. It was my first time ever taking an HIV Test.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Zolra's Corner: The Addiction to Romantic Comedies

Months ago, I began to ask this question in my head. It was right after watching the romantic comedy Along Came Polly, starring Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston. I have been dieing to see this movie and once I saw it, my love for romantic comedies have returned.

For me, I am not a huge person when it comes to romance. If you come by my house, there will be no Danielle Steel on the bookshelf unless the stories were completely funny. However, growing up, I have been a huge fan of comedies ranging from sitcoms like The Golden Girls, The Big Bang Theory, The Nanny, Will and Grace, Two and a Half Men, and the runaway new show on TV Land Hot in Cleveland. Then there are shows like Sex and the City that is not only a comedy, but it centers around the romance. For most of us, that's considered a romantic comedy.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Zolra's Corner: Stop Worrying About The Future and Focus on the PresentZ

For the past few weeks, I have heard nothing but complaints over many individuals. This not only includes tourists, but also people who live here in New Orleans. Whenever I walk around them, most people once again consider me a tourist. They have studied my hometown's culture, and they say I'm different from any New Orleanian they've met. Everything involving my voice, fashion style, the way I carry myself, my maturity, the whole thing. I'll be honest. Even though I've been born and raised in New Orleans for 18 years, I do feel very different from everyone down here.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Movie Review: "The Back-Up Plan"

Jennifer Lopez has returned to acting, and she has done it in a big way. Most people fell in love with her when she released The Wedding Planner, Maid in Manhattan, and Monster in Law. So when she returned to acting in this particular movie, everyone lined up.

Do you know the similarities with all these films? They are all romantic comedies.

Even though I love Jennifer Lopez's entire body of work (I loved El Cantante) I really love her acting in romantic comedies. So I was one of those people who saw the movie this weekend. Not only that, but I never turn down a romantic comedy.

The Back-up Plan is a romantic comedy about a girl named Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) who is desperate for a child, and is artificially inseminated through a sperm back. Newly pregnant, but not yet showing and unaware of her pregnancy, she meets Stan (Alex O'Loughlin), and the two start dating. Romantic complications ensue once she reveals to him she was pregnant when they met.

Overall, this movie is a must see. I don't think it is for everyone. I'm going to go for 13 and above if a teenager wants to watch a movie about a girl who gets inseminated. But if you are a huge Jennifer Lopez fan like I am, you won't turn this movie down. I sure didn't, and I will be returning to the theatres to watch the movie again this weekend.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Movie Review: "Motherhood"

Seriously, I don't understand why this film is getting negative reviews. I have seen this movie months ago, and I can't stop watching it. I love Uma Thurmon's performance in this movie. If you haven't seen it, you must.

Motherhood is an independent film shot entirely in New York City. I can tell it's New York just by looking at the building. The story centers around a single mother balancing career, her kids, and tasks for a upcoming birthday. It's the everyday thing a mother of one or two kids goes through.

I think the one thing that attached me to this film is that she is a writer/blogger. In the film, she has a blog where she talks about the comedic drama surrounding motherhood. She writes about what she's going through, and what she sees in front of her involving other mothers. Everything she has written is autobiographical. That's what attracted me to this film.

I love writing about my life. Strangely, my life has turned into a sitcom. I'm either in a situation where it's embarrassing or funny. As much as I try not to get involved in situations that I know would be embarrassing, I somehow end up back in it. Eventually, I decided to go with the flow and not be afraid of being embarrassed. There is a reason why I go through these crazy things. It's material for all the comedic stories I can tell you guys for future blog posts and novels.

My life is an open book. I can't deny it. Everything I write is autobiographical. I still write a little fiction every now and then, but my entire body of work is 90% nonfiction. I'm comfortable with it, and I hope people love reading about my life.

Overall, Motherhood is an amazing comedy. For mothers everywhere, I recommend you watch this film. You don't have to be a writer to watch this film, but you gotta glue your eyes to this excellent comedy.

The film is out on DVD. Trust me, you won't regret it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Roque Caston Reality Show?

This is something I have been thinking about for a long time. I like reality shows. I watch shows like Jersey Shore, The Hills, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I just added two new shows to my schedule. Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business and Basketball Wives. I hope the ratings did very well. I loved both of the shows last night.

I myself wrote ideas for a reality show. Most of the idea centers me around the entire show. However, the problem I have with doing a reality show is that I am a bit conservative. Don't get me wrong. I love being in front of the camera. However, I don't want them 24/7 in my house. If I ever want to do a reality show, it will center around my professional life all the time.

Alot of people say I should have a reality show. I am a multitax to the max. I write, act, perform, host, and sponsor things. My life is like a rollercoaster, and I am doing my best to make sure that it stays up. I recently applied for a position as an experienced comedian for this night club. I know most of ya'll have never seen me perform stand up comedy. Well I hope I get this job, so that I can show ya'll how funny I am.

I never say never. There can possibly be a Roque Caston reality show flying in the future. The sky is the limit for me. When I get older, and I feel like I really want to do this show, then I will pitch the show to other networks and let ya'll see what's going on in the life of Roque Caston.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Movie Review: "Why Did I Get Married Too?"

I watched Tyler Perry's new film last week. The reason I didn't review this film was because I put myself on hiatus in order to come up with new material. But now that I came back, I am going to post my review on the movie.

Overall, the film was another masterpiece. Tyler Perry has done his thing. Janet Jackson's story stood out this entire film. I wasn't even thinking about the other characters. I was just thinking about what Janet was going through.

However, there were a few things that was going through my mind while I was watching this film.

Throughout the years, gay black men are doing their best to get this image out of the media. The media looks at men like these girl, dramatic, and out of control men. All gay men are not like that. We are different in our own way. So when I saw that black gay man in the scene where he pop out of the birthday cake, I was like "Here we go again. When is this image going to go away."

Also, I felt like the ending was rushed. I loved the drama. I was angry at Gavin's character throughout the entire movie. But when the ending arrived, I was like "What just happened?" Maybe Tyler Perry changed alot of stuff in the ending like he said he did. I remember when he said there was going to be a funeral scene instead of that scene in the movie because of Michael Jackson's passing.

Despite the scenes, I loved Tyler Perry's film. He is an excellent filmmaker. I will continue to watch his movies. I just hope he thinks about creating another sequel or a tv series of this. There is something about these stories that won't let me let go of these characters.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fried Chicken For Breakfast?

Before I begin, let me just say one thing. This blog post is not about Barack Obama or Al Sharpton. I just found this picture of these two eating fried chicken together, and I had to post this one. Now let's move on.

This has got to be crazy. Who in the world eats fried food for breakfast, and right out of the grease? When I saw that, I wanted to vomit.

Right after my neighbors found my dog after he wandered off when my parents took him out, I was completely exhausted. I was working extremely hard on topics to write for the blog last night, it kept me up all night. Then there was knock on my bedroom door, which interrupted my sleep. That put alot of anger inside of me. It's the one thing I absolutely hate. When I am peacefully sleeping, I want no one to interrupt me. If you do, you might get cussed at for the next ten minutes. That's how upset I get when I am interrupted in my sleep.

Since my dog worried me because he wandered off, I was up for the next two hours after my neighbors found him and brought him back home. I was lying on the couch in the living room, watching the E! Network constantly. Suddenly, my stomach was rumbling like boiling water ready to come up my backside. I didn't feel like cooking. So I went to the grocery store two blocks away from the house. I put on some dress clothes and walked to the store.

I entered the store at nine in the morning. I looked around for those fifty cents honey buns. I wasn't going to buy the traditional high school breakfast. Hot chips and Arizona Fruit Punch

When I saw the Honey Buns, I grabbed one and started taking my money out. I always have my money out before I check out. I know what the price is. So what's the use waiting until it's your turn. You want to get the heck out of that line right? Then make sure your money is out before it's your time. The only time you can do that is when you are going to use your credit card.

Once the person in front of me placed his food on the shelf, I can hear a loud conversation going on behind me. I turned around and saw a cooking lady giving a man this five dollar bag of chicken.

"This is going to be a good breakfast for me," he said.

I knew it was fried chicken because it was the only food fresh out the grease that morning. First of all, who would be cooking fried chicken at nine in the morning? I only eat fried chicken between noon and midnight. I have never seen someone eat chicken for breakfast.

This is just my opinion. Chicken should stay as a lunch or dinner option. I don't want to see myself walking past a group of people in the city, carrying a brown paper bag of chicken with the grease leaking out of the bag. That will be an embarrassing scene.

I put my sixty cents in front of the front desk man, and walked out of that store was fast as I could. I ate half of it on the way, and then I took a nap on the couch. In the beginning, I wanted to microwave some pancakes, but the fried chicken ruined my breakfast that morning.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Lost Episode of Zolra's Corner

I literally forgotten about this episode. Personally, I thought there were a few difficulties filming this show. This episode fourteen of my former talk show Zolra's Corner. At the time, I renamed it to Zolra Caston before giving the title it's original name back. This was the episode that began the second season. However, so many problems occurred during filming.

There were people playing around on set. My editing was a hot mess back then. It also the day I learned that Youtube had that ten minute limit for all videos unless you were a partner. Just looking at this episode makes me wonder how my show lasted sixteen more episodes before I put the show on hiatus.

I was ready to put the video on the website. It was literally two minutes before the show was set to premiere. Once Youtube told me that, I banged on my keyboard, ran across my house, shouting "Youtube, why in the world are you doing this to me? Is this payback for wearing a shirt with no sleeves on it?" Because of this, I posted the show on Veoh.

You can see in my face what was going on around the set. Also, I was talking so fast, you could hardly understand me. In the back of my mind, I wanted to end the episode quickly. Then once my friend left the room, I could beat the crap out of everyone for their loud outbursts. But I couldn't do the second thing because we were only going to be in the studio for thirty minutes. I had twenty minutes of shooting and ten minutes of editing.

A lot of pressure was put on me that day. People were spreading the news about my show around the halls. I posted posters around the school. My friend promoted it as well. Then I made the stupidest mistake I've ever done related to my show. The day I was supposed to do nothing but promote the show, I instead told people that the second season was premiering the same night. Now that the wrong gossip was spreading like extinguished fireflies, I called the crew and told them we had to go to the set after school today. Ever since that day, I always buy a planner just for decorations.

It wasn't because my co-host was boring or anything. He was the one thing that day that kept me smiling. He was on time for filming and kept everything professional.

But I'mma post it for you guys. I almost forgotten about this episode until I Yahoo'd my name, and there it was. It's very strange how my blog is not the most searched thing under my name. What are you readers doing? Anyway, this is the lost episode of Zolra's Corner. Hope you guys are interested in this.

P.S. I really hate the ending. I just cut myself off before I was ready to speak. Before I could start my sentence, here comes the credits.

Watch Zolra's Corner Episode 15 in Talk-Shows | View More Free Videos Online at

Sunday, March 28, 2010

When Was The Last Time A Female Proposed?

Some people are shocked that I come up with most of my topics from movies like romantic comedies. I guess romantic comedies are not at the top of their list of favorite movie genres. I love romantic comedies. The inspirations flow when I watch a movie like that.

Just a few minutes ago, I remembered watching one of my favorite romantic comedies The Proposal, starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. But it wasn't until the romantic comedy Leap Year, starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode came out that this question came into my head.

When the last time a female proposed?

The Proposal is a story of win Sandra Bullock's character Margaret forces Ryan Reynold's character Andrew to marry her in order to keep her from getting deported back to Canada. Aside from how the situation was handled, I remembered when Andrew asked Margaret to proposed the right way. It was the first time on screen that I ever see a female propose to a man.

Leap Year tells the story of Anna (Amy Adams), who travels to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott) on February 29, leap year, because according to Irish tradition, a woman can propose to a man on February 29 during a leap year.

Just watching me makes me start thinking. I need to see this happen in real life. I know this happens alot, but I want to see a female propose through my very eyes.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Zolra's Corner: I'mma Be The Funny Guy For My LGBT Family

Recently, I began to rethink my life so far now that I am making huge decisions in my life. Saturday night, I'm performing stand up comedy for the first time ever. I began to reflect on my past life. Even though it's hard thinking about some parts of my life, my life was never 100% depression. The one thing I remember doing years ago that really made me happy was when I created Zolra's Corner, my talk show on Youtube.

Click here to read the rest.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Roque Caston Is Not Leaving The Blogging World

Sorry I didn't give I reason why I haven't been blogging for the last couple of days. I wasn't sure which direction I was taking the blog to. Here I am blogging about different topics in different fields. Mystery, business, comedy, and many more are put together. I realize now I can't do it like this anymore. I have to stay focused.

So this blog is going to be a comedy blog. Anything I post is going to make you laugh. You wouldn't help but comment on the topic. I just had to choose what I'm going to talk about. But let me clear up the rumors. There will be new blog posts tomorrow.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

How Do You Handle Being A Public Person?

Ever since I decided to make my life an open book, I began to think about public relationships. When it comes to a couple being very public about their lives, it's very hard to find. Nowadays, couples are so private, it sometimes feel like you have to glue yourself to the wall, and still hear nothing. But for some couples that are not afraid to talk about their lives to others, I wonder if they can handle it.

Kendra and Hank Baskett are a good example. Now that the second season of Kendra has finally aired, I am happily enjoying this couple that are not afraid to be public with their life. I can't wait to see how Kendra handles motherhood. In the beginning, I knew that Kendra could handle the cameras since she did The Girls Next Door. But I just wondered how Hank dealt with it. I haven't seen a lot of athletes do reality shows before.

Hank is handling the camera like a true person. I applaud him for that. Having cameras in your face everyday is not easy at all if you think it is. I think Hank handles it very well.

This couple is good example of a public couple. Their in the spotlight everyday and their not letting people get in their ear. But I wonder how a single person handles it. A person who is not afraid of being a open book. A person who talks about 90% of his/her life. I guess it's all about how to balance. However, you can't let anyone get in your ear if you decide to a public figure professionally and personally.