Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Roque Caston Reality Show?

This is something I have been thinking about for a long time. I like reality shows. I watch shows like Jersey Shore, The Hills, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I just added two new shows to my schedule. Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business and Basketball Wives. I hope the ratings did very well. I loved both of the shows last night.

I myself wrote ideas for a reality show. Most of the idea centers me around the entire show. However, the problem I have with doing a reality show is that I am a bit conservative. Don't get me wrong. I love being in front of the camera. However, I don't want them 24/7 in my house. If I ever want to do a reality show, it will center around my professional life all the time.

Alot of people say I should have a reality show. I am a multitax to the max. I write, act, perform, host, and sponsor things. My life is like a rollercoaster, and I am doing my best to make sure that it stays up. I recently applied for a position as an experienced comedian for this night club. I know most of ya'll have never seen me perform stand up comedy. Well I hope I get this job, so that I can show ya'll how funny I am.

I never say never. There can possibly be a Roque Caston reality show flying in the future. The sky is the limit for me. When I get older, and I feel like I really want to do this show, then I will pitch the show to other networks and let ya'll see what's going on in the life of Roque Caston.

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Marquise Wiley said...

It will be great to see you on the BIGSCREEN for a Reality Show I believe it will happen soon. So keep living your life. Keep up the Good Work