Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Movie Review: "Why Did I Get Married Too?"

I watched Tyler Perry's new film last week. The reason I didn't review this film was because I put myself on hiatus in order to come up with new material. But now that I came back, I am going to post my review on the movie.

Overall, the film was another masterpiece. Tyler Perry has done his thing. Janet Jackson's story stood out this entire film. I wasn't even thinking about the other characters. I was just thinking about what Janet was going through.

However, there were a few things that was going through my mind while I was watching this film.

Throughout the years, gay black men are doing their best to get this image out of the media. The media looks at men like these girl, dramatic, and out of control men. All gay men are not like that. We are different in our own way. So when I saw that black gay man in the scene where he pop out of the birthday cake, I was like "Here we go again. When is this image going to go away."

Also, I felt like the ending was rushed. I loved the drama. I was angry at Gavin's character throughout the entire movie. But when the ending arrived, I was like "What just happened?" Maybe Tyler Perry changed alot of stuff in the ending like he said he did. I remember when he said there was going to be a funeral scene instead of that scene in the movie because of Michael Jackson's passing.

Despite the scenes, I loved Tyler Perry's film. He is an excellent filmmaker. I will continue to watch his movies. I just hope he thinks about creating another sequel or a tv series of this. There is something about these stories that won't let me let go of these characters.

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Marquiase Wiley said...

Now I really want to see the movie because u gave a great review keep up the GOOD WORK