Monday, April 12, 2010

The Lost Episode of Zolra's Corner

I literally forgotten about this episode. Personally, I thought there were a few difficulties filming this show. This episode fourteen of my former talk show Zolra's Corner. At the time, I renamed it to Zolra Caston before giving the title it's original name back. This was the episode that began the second season. However, so many problems occurred during filming.

There were people playing around on set. My editing was a hot mess back then. It also the day I learned that Youtube had that ten minute limit for all videos unless you were a partner. Just looking at this episode makes me wonder how my show lasted sixteen more episodes before I put the show on hiatus.

I was ready to put the video on the website. It was literally two minutes before the show was set to premiere. Once Youtube told me that, I banged on my keyboard, ran across my house, shouting "Youtube, why in the world are you doing this to me? Is this payback for wearing a shirt with no sleeves on it?" Because of this, I posted the show on Veoh.

You can see in my face what was going on around the set. Also, I was talking so fast, you could hardly understand me. In the back of my mind, I wanted to end the episode quickly. Then once my friend left the room, I could beat the crap out of everyone for their loud outbursts. But I couldn't do the second thing because we were only going to be in the studio for thirty minutes. I had twenty minutes of shooting and ten minutes of editing.

A lot of pressure was put on me that day. People were spreading the news about my show around the halls. I posted posters around the school. My friend promoted it as well. Then I made the stupidest mistake I've ever done related to my show. The day I was supposed to do nothing but promote the show, I instead told people that the second season was premiering the same night. Now that the wrong gossip was spreading like extinguished fireflies, I called the crew and told them we had to go to the set after school today. Ever since that day, I always buy a planner just for decorations.

It wasn't because my co-host was boring or anything. He was the one thing that day that kept me smiling. He was on time for filming and kept everything professional.

But I'mma post it for you guys. I almost forgotten about this episode until I Yahoo'd my name, and there it was. It's very strange how my blog is not the most searched thing under my name. What are you readers doing? Anyway, this is the lost episode of Zolra's Corner. Hope you guys are interested in this.

P.S. I really hate the ending. I just cut myself off before I was ready to speak. Before I could start my sentence, here comes the credits.

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