Monday, July 26, 2010

Poetry: Erased Memories

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I want my sadness to go away
But the elephant in the room brings the memories back
I am person of forgiveness, the extremely hard decision
Just the thoughts of saying it makes it hard to crush resentment
Once you finally say it, the pain will recover
Then you can sleep peacefully without thinking about a physical response
Even though I have accepted forgiveness
How do I handle the elephant repeating it's actions
Day after day, it's the same actions
The past is starting to overshadow the present
No matter how many times I move on
I can feel the elephant's nose holding me tight around my waist
This begins to bring back the erased memories
Memories I try to wipe away
Memories that made me stay in hot water ninety minutes straight
Memories that prevent me from functioning
The memories that take over my body with just one thought
The memories that makes me numb every time I think about it
As I continue on to write my story
I leave it as they are, erased memories

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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Social Network Trailer

We finally get a chance to see how one of the greatest social networking sites in the world was created. You want to watch the history of Facebook? Well now you finally get the chance.

The film features an ensemble cast which consists of Jesse Eisenberg, Brenda Song,[2] Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield, Rashida Jones, Max Minghella, Rooney Mara, and Joseph Mazzello.

The film was written by Aaron Sorkin, one of my favorite screenwriters on the planet. Everyone probably knows him as the creator and head writer of the political drama The West Wing. When I found out that he was writing another film, I knew I had to see this film.

Team Victoria vs. Team Voldemort?

After reading this post on one of my favorite websites, I finally grew tired of the comparisons and rivalry they are trying to create towards The Twilight Sage and The Harry Potter Series.


In the beginning, I ignored it. I know there were so much press going on regarding the new movies coming out from each of the franchises. The Twilight Saga: Eclispe was breaking box office records, and the trailer for Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows was released everywhere, and the reception towards the trailer were very positive.

Then I am browsing the websites to get some more news on my favorite series. Suddenly, they set up a question between the teams of the vampire villain Victoria in the Twilight Series, and the dark wizard Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series.

Honestly, is there really supposed to be a comparison here?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Album Review: Miley Cyrus "Can't Be Tamed"

Miley Cyrus has definitely grown up right in front of our faces. For me, I saw Miley Cyrus on the very first episode of Hannah Montana when the show first premiered. Ever since then, I have been a huge fan of this girl.

Once her new album Can't Be Tamed finally arrived, I was more than ready to start listening to her amazing music. What I love about her music and the record company is that she has been given creative freedom. She's not just given a track and the producers say "You have to sing these lyrics we've written like this."

She personally writes her own songs from different situations and let the world listen. Fans relate to her songs because boys and girls around her age are going through similar situations, and it feels great to have the story told every chance they get.

When Can't Be Tamed was released, I already understood the direction she was going. If you have seen teenagers around her age (just like me), you will know they are going through adolescent times she is talking about. We all have those times where we wanted to act out and be free of different types of discipline. Miley Cyrus is becoming an adult soon, and she is singing about what she's feeling around that time. When I started listening to the tracks, I could already relate to some of them.

I'll talk about my top ranked songs for the album.

1. Liberty Walk- 10/10
The moment I heard this track, it has become one of my favorite tracks from Miley Cyrus. Not only do I love the pop rock beat, but I am definitely touched by the lyrics. In the beginning, I thought this song was about becoming what you want to be in life. It's kind of like what I felt when I heard Can't Be Tamed. Then when I found out this song was about leaving an abusive relationship, my respect from Miley went up another level.

2. Who Owns My Heart 8/10

3. Can't Be Tamed 10/10
You all know how I feel about this song. We all reach that point in our life where we grow out of our cage, and it's now time to let ourselves loose. That's exactly how I felt when I heard this song. With this song debuting at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100, this song will always be remembered in Miley's catalog.

4. Every Rose Has It's Thorn 10/10
I will admit. In the beginning, I was angry at Miley for choosing to cover this song. Then I took that chance and listened to the track. In the first chorus, I fell in love with this. Days later, I found out that Poison rejected so many artists for trying to cover their song. So you got the approval from Bret Michaels, then you got the approval from all of us.

5. Two More Lonely People 5/10

6. Forgiveness and Love 7/10

7. Permanent December 7/10

8. Stay 7/10

9. Scars 8/10

10. Take Me Alon 7/10

11. Robot 5/10

12. My Heart Bents For Love 10/10
No words can express how much I love this song. So I won't try to get into details on that. All I can say is that it is a perfect present for her friend that Miley recorded it for.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Me and The TEST Finally Met

Weeks ago, I filled out an online application for this job I wanted to get. The application was filled out from beginning to end. Then there came the last question in the middle of the application.

The question read "When was your last HIV test?"

My heart suddenly stop for one second, as if I was ready to suffer from cardiac arrest. I haven't had sex in about a year. So if I was HIV positive, I was sure to feel some in my system by now. For some people, you'll never know. However, my body is different from others. Any time I had something going on inside, I could feel it instantly. You name it, I felt it, and some of them were things I wish I have never felt. At the end of the day I wasn't scared because I felt like I was infected. I was scared due to the fact that I was going to take my first HIV Test the next day.

Now let me fast forward to the office. Just talking about my way there just don't make any sense. All you need to now is that my cologne and lotion was sweating off so much, people walking around felt like I just left a pool party. I was never sweating, but those two accessories made it look like I was.

I entered the building feeling very confused. My glasses had already fogged up. My heart was beating so fast, it sounded like it was singing Bamboula. It was all good inside of me. NOT!

I walked upstairs and went through the procedure. I put the stick in my mouth. The woman running the place was going through the questionnaire with me. Normally, people would run for the hills when they are being asked about their sex lives. If you are close to me, I will talk to you about anything. However, I ain't afraid to answer the basic questions to anyone. I just told you guys I haven't got laid in a year. The last piece of action I've gotten for the past year is with that razor I use to shave my ass.

For the next half hour I sat in the waiting room reading FAQ's on brochures. If I remembered I had to wait thirty minutes for the test results to come in, I would've brought the Jackie Collins novel I was reading at the time with me.

While waiting, I did one of the craziest things on the planet. I started reminiscing about my sexual experiences a year ago. I am not a player. All of my relationships last a long time, but the ones I've dated are sex freaks. The whole thirty minutes felt like a whole day in the interrogation room. My mind was swirling like an amusement park when it was over. This proves that the boy next door always have better sex in the end.

Everything I was thinking about went away once the lady walked out of the room said "We have your test results."

I walked in and she said my test results came back negative. I couldn't tell you how excited I felt when I heard. I have been an extremely healthy man, and it showed medically on paper. I walked out that building with extreme confidence. It was my first time ever taking an HIV Test.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Zolra's Corner: The Addiction to Romantic Comedies

Months ago, I began to ask this question in my head. It was right after watching the romantic comedy Along Came Polly, starring Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston. I have been dieing to see this movie and once I saw it, my love for romantic comedies have returned.

For me, I am not a huge person when it comes to romance. If you come by my house, there will be no Danielle Steel on the bookshelf unless the stories were completely funny. However, growing up, I have been a huge fan of comedies ranging from sitcoms like The Golden Girls, The Big Bang Theory, The Nanny, Will and Grace, Two and a Half Men, and the runaway new show on TV Land Hot in Cleveland. Then there are shows like Sex and the City that is not only a comedy, but it centers around the romance. For most of us, that's considered a romantic comedy.

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