Monday, July 26, 2010

Poetry: Erased Memories

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I want my sadness to go away
But the elephant in the room brings the memories back
I am person of forgiveness, the extremely hard decision
Just the thoughts of saying it makes it hard to crush resentment
Once you finally say it, the pain will recover
Then you can sleep peacefully without thinking about a physical response
Even though I have accepted forgiveness
How do I handle the elephant repeating it's actions
Day after day, it's the same actions
The past is starting to overshadow the present
No matter how many times I move on
I can feel the elephant's nose holding me tight around my waist
This begins to bring back the erased memories
Memories I try to wipe away
Memories that made me stay in hot water ninety minutes straight
Memories that prevent me from functioning
The memories that take over my body with just one thought
The memories that makes me numb every time I think about it
As I continue on to write my story
I leave it as they are, erased memories

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