Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Own Personal "Hangover" Experience

Last night, I was watching The Hangover for the first time. After watching this movie, I decided to play it again. This is the best buddy comedy I have ever seen in my whole. I have seen many buddy comedies, but this one just rose to the top of the charts in my book.

Once I finished watching it the second time, I realized that I have my own experience related to this movie. It's not outrageous like this movie, but it was still a crazy Las Vegas experience.

I was part of a performing arts program when I was in high school. We were on tour and the first place we were scheduled to perform was Las Vegas. It was my first time on an airplane and my first time in Vegas.

We arrived, checked into our hotel, and were having a good time by night time. Once night arrived, we were partied out from a good time at the Flamingo Hotel. Once I got to my hotel room, something was wrong. My hotel key wasn't working. I thought it was because it was because it was right next to my cell phone. So I went downstairs and got my key repaired. I walked in and got an unbelievable scene.

The room was full of beer bottles, used condoms, dirty bed sheets, and cigarette butts everywhere. I could have sworn I also smell weed when I was in there. But I didn't think about looking for it. The second I was in, I was out of there the next second. I called my mentor and we found out what our real hotel room was.

Even till this day, I remember that hotel room like it was yesterday. Thank The Hangover.

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