Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"I Smoke Weed"

I am not a smoker. I never been, but I have friends that does it. Surprisingly, I tolerate the fact that they do it. I have experienced being around people that smoked from weed to regular cigarettes. My nose doesn't get bothered whenever they do it, and all I have to do is wash my clothes whenever I get home. It's no problem.

I remember one particular day when a friend of mine invited me over to his house for the evening. We hung around in the living room watching television and eating takeout. He has a roommate in his apartment that works at night. He records the nighttime shows for the night, so that he can catch up with the episodes during the daytime.

Things were going great for the last couple of hours. Ain't nothing like eating takeout and watching endless comedies with good friends. All of a sudden, three more of my friend's friends show up. Me and my friend are close, but we are not that close. So I don't even know half of his friends, especially the ones that walked into the apartment.

All three of them had a pack of weed and a piper to smoke it out of. When I saw that piper I thought they were going to pull of Sherlock Holmes. So they did. In a matter of minutes, all four of them were smoking weed and putting it in rotation. They put it in rotation six times while I was in the middle sitting down, and pretending that no one was smoking in front of me.

After fifteen minutes of smoking weed in rotation we started watching an episode of Chelsea Lately that was recorded yesterday. It was one of a few episodes that Chelsea had comedian Jo Koy on the roundtable. I forgot what they were arguing about, but this sentence was the only thing that I will never forget.

"What type of crack are you smoking?" asked Jo Koy.

"I don't smoke crack," Chelsea responded. "I smoke weed."

I laughed to the top of my lungs while everyone was coughing from the weed they were smoking. It was incredibly funny that she admitted to smoking weed while they were smoking weed. I left my friend's house constantly laughing. Even though I don't smoke it was an amazing scene to look at.

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