Monday, February 28, 2011

No Voice In The Barbershop

One place that is the ultimate hangout for men is the barbershop. Aside from waiting in that seat for hours during it's most busiest schedules, it is a good place to hang out. Whenever you wanted to hear about other people's business, even though you don't want to, that is the place to go for men. Women got the salon. We have the barber shop.

The barbershop I go to is the same one I've gone to since I was a little kid. I get the same haircut and the same barber. It's because of that we end becoming best friends. But even though we are friends I never appear to have a voice in the barbershop.

Whenever ESPN and CNN is on TV, my barber and his best friend that also works at the shop begin to express their opinion on whatever topic the news reporters are talking about. However, every time my barber is halfway done on starting to talk, my barber interrupts me on the spot. Every time I am about to talk he starts talking.

It was twenty minutes into the debate and I got interrupted twenty times. Now I understand the spirit of the barber shop, but I wonder what happens to you if you be in there for too long.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Bachelor vs. The Hills: Which Reality Show Would You Do?

After watching reality shows for almost five years, I've noticed there are three types airing on television right now. There are game shows, love shows, and personal shows. However, two out of the three are taking television by storm. If fans of the shows wanted to, they would make a documentary (dubbed the movie version of a reality show) and it would be a smash hit at the box office. I'm still surprised that no one never thought about doing something like that.

One day, I was having a conversation with a woman I used to work with. We were discussing our favorite shows on television. I didn't bring up anything related to reality shows. Even though I like those shows, scripted series like Law and Order: SVU, Modern Family, Glee, and The Big Bang Theory are my guilty pleasures.

Right after talking about my favorite shows, she brought up her love for The Bachelor and Flavor of Love. I had no problem with her favorites. We all can't like the same thing. However, when we asked what type of reality shows we would do, I started raising my eyebrows.

My Answer: The Hills
Her Answer: Flavor of Love

I was completely shocked when she told me that she'd rather do a love show that a reality show surrounding her personal life. Even though love shows are fine I don't like that feeling of kissing someone on the show after they just kissed some random person a few minutes. After she walked off, her answer kept on ringing in my mind.

In reality television, you share all of your personal moments whether it's good or bad. The only difference is that most of your personal life is being recorded on camera. Then after a couple of editing and lighting, it is sent to the television studio, where they air the show for the world to see. Now that reality shows are taking over television just like vampires, westerns, and crime dramas, what type of reality show would you do.

Would you fight for someone's love like The Bachelor and discuss your personal life like The Hills?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Hangover: Part II Teaser Trailer

As a major fan of the the first film The Hangover, I was extremely excited that they were working on a sequel. However, while they were midway into production, I was questioning how they would do a sequel to this hit film. Then once I got further details I wasn't worried anymore.

In this sequel, the boys travel to Bangkok for Stu's wedding. Most people remember the girl that Stu met at the end of the movie while they were still in Las Vegas. This one is a new city outside the United States. There are bound to be some crazy experiences, especially when the characters don't know nothing about the city.

Below is the teaser trailer. The Hangover II comes out on Memorial Day.

Is It Time For The Friendship To End?

I have probably asked this question alot more than any of the other questions that has ever crossed my mind. Throughout my life, I have been the best friend to many different people. I have always been that person to go to for whatever. It was very strange to me, considering the fact that I was an outcast back in high school.

If you define the word "outcast" it means a person that is the complete outsider. The person that no one wants to talk to. People have told me in my ear that they never wanted to be my friend and I was still voted "Friendliest Male" during my senior year. They even gave me a metal for it during the awards ceremony.

But before and after graduation, I removed a large amount of people from my life. They began to show their true colors and I had enough of their lies. They showed they didn't care about me, using me, abusing my respect, taking advantage of my trust, everything you picture, they did it all. Of course I was devastated by everything. I began to lose my trust in everyone that has been a part of my life. This is not just from friends, but other people related to me.

After everything ended with my fake friends I noticed that everyone was out of my life. I was alone with no one to talk to. It took some time to get used to being alone, but it was a good thing. I learned to stop being dependent on my friends and stand on my own too feet.

When it comes to life we encounter one or more people that becomes our friends. We begin to hang out more often and reveal to each other some of our personal stress and secrets. As the days, weeks, months, or evenyears gone by the interaction between you and your friends begin to change. It changes for the better or it changes for the worst. If it starts to change for the worse you're in for a crazy adventure involving arguments, backstabbing, and possibly addiction.

At the end of the day, the one question you try to avoid pops up in your mind. Is is time for the friendship to come to a indefinite end?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Doesn't Going To The Bathroom Feel Good Sometimes?

I was introduced to another crazy session in the bathroom last night. I am a country boy. I eat more than most fifty year old men do. So when I have to go to the bathroom there are certain days where I feel like my butt is getting ready to explode. It's a good thing this happens only once a month. If it was a daily situation I might as well be spending more money on bathroom products than reservations at The Cheesecake Bistro.

Months ago, I put myself through another embarrassing situation in the bathroom. I rose out of bed feeling this extremely bad rumble in my stomach. Seconds later, my butt started piling up in the inside. I knew instantly that I needed to go. I ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind. I laid my butt on the toilet and the misery began.

If you're already feeling uncomfortable about this I recommend you stop, pull yourself together, and resume reading.

It started coming out one by one. Each one felt larger than the other. I tried not to yell or anything, but it so hard not to. I grabbed my dry towel and used it to cover my yelling. Based on what I was feeling at that moment I began to realize what women feel when they are pregnant. My body had short cramps because I was pushing it too hard. My butt was opening up to the point where it was getting ready to do a split. There were things inside of my butt that I didn't know existed until I saw it physically using the mirror. It was one of the most uncomfortable situations I have ever been in.

Then strangely, I began to think while I was still doing my business. Sometimes it actually feels good doing it. I maybe insane or some people might agree with me. There are times when it feels good doing your business in the bathroom during the session. It started st 2:00AM and ended at 2:30 AM.

Ain't that a record?

Sadly, it wasn't done with me yet. At 5:00 AM, the feeling in my stomach returned and the whole painfully, yet comfortably, bathroom session began. This time it only lasted for ten minutes. I went to sleep with this question in my head.

Doesn't Going To The Bathroom Feel Good Sometimes?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Romantic Comedies Are Not Just For Couples

Everyone that knows me personally knows that I am a huge fan of romantic comedies. Even though I've had more friendships than relationships and I have been single for quite some time now, I never turn down the opportunity to go to the theater and watch a romantic comedy.

However, there is one thing that I've noticed that honestly disappoints me sometimes. Whenever I go to the theater by myself I tend to notice people giving me and a few other single people "The Eye." Sometimes, I am the only single person inside. Couples and best friends tend to wonder why single people are watching a romantic comedy by themselves. They won't come and ask you in person. They will look at you and then start asking questions in their head. There are times when I wish I was a mind reader.

I don't let it get to me. When something funny occurs in the movie, I am laughing my butt off in the theater the same as everybody else. When the movie is over I walk out and tell myself "That was a good movie."

This is something I want to encourage single people to do. You can go inside and watch a romantic comedy by yourself. Embrace the fact that you are single. I don't know where this crazy rumor came from that you cannot watch a romantic comedy just because you're single.

You belong anywhere a good movie is.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sweat and Makeup Will Lead To A Sleepy Breakout

The one thing I realized out of all my years of staying in shape in that there are certain things that my skin reacts too. The top two things are sweat and make-up.

One day after P.E. class back when I was in high school, I remember doing one of the most intense workouts I have ever done. The teacher decided to bring one of those adult workout videos and worked our butts to the core. I have never been covered in that much sweat before. Since we didn't have showers at my high school, I had tiny amounts of sweat still covering my body throughout the day, even though I used a towel and got rid of a large portion of them.

Once class was over and I off to my after school theater program. My teacher mentioned to me that my face was breaking out. I ran to the restroom and realized that every spot that was still covered in sweat made my face breakout. I grabbed the soap in the restroom and washed my face right there. My face looked a little better but I had to go to a shower when I got home. It was the first time realizing that my own sweat made me breakout.

Months later, I was doing my first web series. I was hired as a writer and actor on the show. It was the first time I ever had makeup put on my face. Right after filming the whole show for the entire night, I went home and went straight to sleep. I didn't have time to take my makeup off because I was totally exhausted.

The next day, I woke up with my face breaking out. It immediately washed my face and it took two days for my face to clear up.

When it comes to our skin we have to learn how to take care of it. If you ever start sweating or you have makeup and it's been on your face for quite some time, chances are that your face is going to break out at anytime. After your day is done, go to the bathroom and wash your face. Even if you have not physically seen yourself sweat, give yourself a good wash. You can even do it around the time you are taking a bath.

Right after you put soap in your face rinse it with cold water. If you use hot water, you are opening the pores. When your pores exposed to the air outside after it has been heated up for quite some time, you will get sick. But if you use cold water, you can walk outside without worrying about getting sick. Cold water keeps the pores closed inside.

Take care of your skin in order to look young and sexy.

Addict of Fiction: Will Raiden Carry His Own In Metal Gear Solid: Rising

I am a contributing writer for Addict of On this website, I write articles revolving around the game industry. I love video games and I love talking about it. So I am happy that Addict of Fiction gave me the opportunity to write about it.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising is coming out next year. I am already thinking about what's going to happen when everyone gets their hands on their games, and see how Raiden will carry his on in this game. So they raised the question. Will Raiden carry his own in Metal Gear Solid: Rising?

Come read my article by clicking on the picture. Find out what I have to say about that.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Kaoz

I want to start this post off by saying "Happy Valentine's Day" to everyone. I especially want to say that to all the single people out there. Trust me, there are many ways you can enjoy being single on this holiday.

This is the first time that I am doing one of these things, but this artist deserves it.

Kaoz is a an award winning writer, poet, rapper, actor, and educator. I found out about this guy from a performance I saw on video of him. The moment I finished watching that video, I was already doing research on this artist. What I discovered was a body of work that was raw, personal, and a stand out in music.

I am already a huge fan of his. I can listen to his music over and over again. The lyrics are so raw. It deals with relationships, sex, HIV, violence, value, everything that people need to talk about. Kaoz, I am forever a fan of yours and you continue doing what you doing.

Below are some of Kaoz's music videos. Also, there are links to his music and to his website if you want to know more about this star on the rise.!/kaoz612

Align Center

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Word Travels Is My New Favorite Show

As a writer, I am all about adventures. Writing new ideas is like an adventure. You write whatever comes to your mind for days, months, or even years. There are so many fields of writing that I want to cover. But the one field of writing that is really growing onto me is travel writing.

Getting the opportunity to travel the world and write about it sounds like a dream job. But you still have to meet your deadlines. This is definitely something I want to do. Luckily, there is this show on the National Geographic Adventure channel that shows exactly that. It's called
Word Travels.

Word Travels follows the lives of two young professional screenwriter. South African Robin Esrock and Toronto-based Julia Dimon, as they journey around the world in search of stories to experience, write about, and file for their editors.

Robert Esrock is a freelance travel writer. You can find his work in things like Outpost Magazine and Sympatico MSN. Julia Dimon is a columnist and a blogger. Her most well known blog is Travel Junkie Julia.

I am looking forward to the third season of
Word Travels. This show inspires me 24/7. If you guys want to know more about this show, watch some of the videos on their Youtube channel or go to their official website.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Factoidz: How To Enjoy Being Single On Valentine's Day

I have written a new article for Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner I wanted to show people how you can enjoy this holiday, even though you are single. There are so many things you can do on your own. You don't have to drown yourself in tears just because you are not in a relationship.

Click on the picture and find out how to enjoy being single on Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Wiley Show Interview With Singer JR

A good friend of mine has just scored an interview with openly gay R&B singer JR. Most people know JR for his seductive love songs. Marquise is known for his hit web show "The Wiley Show." On this show, he goes for very serious topics like feuds, politics, entertainment, everything you need to find good news and good commentary.

I instantly knew my friend was going to get very personal with the singer. My prediction was right. In this interview, you will find some very shocking things about the R&B singer. Come and check out this astounding interview.