Monday, February 28, 2011

No Voice In The Barbershop

One place that is the ultimate hangout for men is the barbershop. Aside from waiting in that seat for hours during it's most busiest schedules, it is a good place to hang out. Whenever you wanted to hear about other people's business, even though you don't want to, that is the place to go for men. Women got the salon. We have the barber shop.

The barbershop I go to is the same one I've gone to since I was a little kid. I get the same haircut and the same barber. It's because of that we end becoming best friends. But even though we are friends I never appear to have a voice in the barbershop.

Whenever ESPN and CNN is on TV, my barber and his best friend that also works at the shop begin to express their opinion on whatever topic the news reporters are talking about. However, every time my barber is halfway done on starting to talk, my barber interrupts me on the spot. Every time I am about to talk he starts talking.

It was twenty minutes into the debate and I got interrupted twenty times. Now I understand the spirit of the barber shop, but I wonder what happens to you if you be in there for too long.

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