Saturday, February 12, 2011

Word Travels Is My New Favorite Show

As a writer, I am all about adventures. Writing new ideas is like an adventure. You write whatever comes to your mind for days, months, or even years. There are so many fields of writing that I want to cover. But the one field of writing that is really growing onto me is travel writing.

Getting the opportunity to travel the world and write about it sounds like a dream job. But you still have to meet your deadlines. This is definitely something I want to do. Luckily, there is this show on the National Geographic Adventure channel that shows exactly that. It's called
Word Travels.

Word Travels follows the lives of two young professional screenwriter. South African Robin Esrock and Toronto-based Julia Dimon, as they journey around the world in search of stories to experience, write about, and file for their editors.

Robert Esrock is a freelance travel writer. You can find his work in things like Outpost Magazine and Sympatico MSN. Julia Dimon is a columnist and a blogger. Her most well known blog is Travel Junkie Julia.

I am looking forward to the third season of
Word Travels. This show inspires me 24/7. If you guys want to know more about this show, watch some of the videos on their Youtube channel or go to their official website.

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