Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Horrific Week With Sand Hair

Back then, I hated getting haircuts. You remember being in the barber shop for the first time in your life. In the beginning, you were crying so much because the barber was cutting your hair. For some people, they thought the barber was going to operate on them, and the first thing they had to do was cut through their head in order to get to their scalp.

That's exactly what I was thinking. I wanted to run away from that barbershop a lot. I am so surprised that the barber was very patient. I still go to the same place in New Orleans, and the barber and I are good friends.

During my childhood, I was thinking of ways to get rid of my hair without having to go back to the shop. Still to this day, I am the experimental type. I like to try out different things, hoping that it works. Just the other day, I was mixing ice tea with fruit punch. It tastes good.

I was coming up with numerous things. Sadly, none of them worked. Then I stumbled upon a book that talked about "ring worms," which is dubbed an infection. In the beginning, the only thing I paid attention to while reading it was that it eats some of your hair follicles and makes you lose hair. Because of me being five years old and experimental, I went with the chance.

For the whole week, I was putting dirt and sand in my hair. Every time school was over, I would pour it in. Hours later, I was scratching my hair like crazy. I could feel the ring worms chopping down at my follicles. So I felt like my hair was getting lower.

Sadly, my mom kept on washing my hair every time she saw sand in my hair. That was another thing I hated when I was a kid. Getting my hair washed by my mom. She would always scratch my hair rough with her fingernails. It would always hurt.

Once the week was over, I decided to stop putting sand in my hair. Not because the results weren't showing itself, but because I couldn't stand my mom consistently washing my hair. That and sitting in the bathtub naked in front of my mom in clear water.