Monday, March 28, 2011

Official Movie Poster| The Hangover: Part II

As a die hard fan of The Hangover, I am one of those group of people that's waiting for the movie to come out.

It took only one look at this movie poster for me to be ready to fall on the floor and start laughing my butt off. By the looks of this movie poster, the boys are at it again. Only this time, it is happening in Bangkok.

I truly believe that is going to be an amazing film. One thing is that they are doing it out of the country. That brings up alot of twists and turns all around them. Since the character Doug has gone missing again in this movie, they have to look for him in a place that they are not familiar with.

Plus, it looks like the monkey is going to be an extra accessory to the journey. When all know what happens when filmmakers use an actual monkey in a movie. From the looks of this, the monkey is going to be perfect to bring the crazy comedy out of these boys.

The Hangover: Part II comes out May 26, 2011. Below is the teaser trailer if you haven't seen it yet.

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