Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stop Calling Me "Ma'am" On The Phone

There are times when I just let things go, but this has been going on consistently. I know I don't have an accent. I know that my voice is different from most men around the entire world, but that doesn't mean you should instantly think that there is a female on the other line of the phone.

A few months ago, I answered my phone before walking out of the house.

"Hello," I said.

"Yes ma'am. May I please speak to Roque Caston?"

I paused for a minute.

"This is him," I responded.

The person on the other line freaked out and apologized for mistaking my voice with a female voice. I let it go. After all, I'm used to it. Seconds later, I found out it was the casting director for a movie I was auditioning for.

Now it is starting to become crazy. No matter where I am and no matter what phone I answer I'm always getting mistaken for a female's voice. My voice doesn't sound female at all, but they say it sounds lighter on the phone.

So here is a lesson for everyone who calls someone. Don't assume who's voice it is on the phone. Just ask who you're calling for and move on with your assumption. And if you call me on the phone and you know my voice, don't jokingly call me "Ma'm" on the phone. Lol

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