Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Karaoke Pill

The one thing I learned after going out to a nightclub during this one particular night is to pay attention to what the bartender is serving you. You never know if they accidentally mixed up your drink with someone else's. On this particular night, my drink was mixed up with someone else's, and it led to the most memorable karaoke night of my life.

One night, I decided to let loose and go out. I am not really a person who loves going out in the wee hours of the night. I normally go out once every two weeks or maybe even a month. But after filming my new movie a few days ago, writing more content for my blog, and consistently contributing to different websites, I needed a break from everything before I went back to work. I love to work. I am a workaholic, but there times when going out at nightclubs is a necessity.

I entered my favorite karaoke club that I go to every Sunday night whenever I get the chance. I just love the whole feeling. Everyone is your friend in there. When you get up on that stage you are star no matter how good or how bad a singer you are. Since I love to sing and dance I would be up there every chance I get.

One night, I was sitting down, getting ready to perform. I was in the mood for a rock song. But before everything was ready to happen, I ordered a cup of Sprite in order to prepare my vocals. This is when everything got good.

Apparently, the bartender mixed up my drink with a couple's cup of Vodka and accidentally gave it to me. Before the bartender picked up their drink, the girlfriend put some type of club pill that is supposed to give you a high amount of energy. For some people, you take this pill in order to gain more energy and more time to dance all over the place. Seconds after they realized their drink was gone, they already saw me chugging it down. Seconds after that, I realized that it was Vodka that I was drinking.

After looking at numerous drunk people hanging out at that club for months, I wanted to stay calm and not end up acting crazy like them. My first thought was to act calm and let the Vodka just drift off. I closed my eyes for a while. I opened them back up and found myself singing live on stage in front of everyone. I was drunk out of brains and was holding onto that microphone like a rock star. I was my own band. I was my own sexual pleasure.

The song I was signing was Pink's "Just Like A Pill."

y the end of the song, everyone gave me a standing ovation. I felt like a young Lenny Kravitz. It was absolutely fun. There were side effects to the pill. By the time I got home I was out of energy and I passed out five minutes later.

I don't know what that pill is called, but I like to call it "The Karaoke Pill."

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