Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Future Forward: When Was The Last Time You Finished Your Own Project?

I have been working hard on this own project of mine that I am so happy to have done. I'm happy because of so many things relating to this project. Probably the most important thing is that it's the first time in a very long time that I have managed to finished something on my own. Not because I was given a deadline. Not because I was forced to finish this in only few days.

I have finished something on my own.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Does Anyone Miss High School?

Honestly, there are things back in high school that makes me want to burn the entire school down. Those four years were honestly the worst years of my life. The one thing that still surprises me is that even after I was hurt on a regular basis, I was still voted the most friendliest person in the entire school. It was completely shocking to get that award.

However, even though I went through terrible times in high school (bullying, teasing, mocking, fake friendships), I will be honest and say that there are some moments I miss about those days. I miss all the friends I made back then. I'm talking about true friends. I remember sitting down at this table and there were all seven of us enjoying each other's company. Every time we sat together at that one table I never wanted it to end.

I also miss the projects we had to turn in. I just loved the whole feelings of having to get a term paper done in less than three days. I had to study for an upcoming test. So I took notes consistently while waiting for the day to come. Even though the test was only in two weeks, I would give myself three days to know everything before it all happens. I grew up in a early bird background. It's kind of in my blood to do things as early as possible. Even though I tended to get things done alot earlier than expected, I just loved that feeling of having to get things done quick.

Another thing that amazes me is that crazy rumor that was spread about me. Most people assumed that I was having an affair with at least five different teachers because I was friends with them. That is absolutely insane, but it was funny at the same time. A part of me kind of expected that to happen. I have grown up around adults since I was little kid. Due to my history of being bullied, I confided in my teachers and hung out with them most of the time. I was five years old and friends and with a fourty years old teacher.

The craziest of them all is that one teacher. I remember absolutely dispicing this one teacher. His teacher methods were a little insane. Me and him butted heads a few times. Then by the end of the entire high school life, we ended up becoming great friends. I completely understood him and I learned to accept him.

It's time like that that makes me respect high school more than resent it. I am happy to be class of 2009, but I am extra excited just to be out of there.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Book Review: "True You" by Janet Jackson

I managed to pick up this book during the weekend and I am so glad I did. I just couldn't keep this book down. It's inspiring, amazing, uplifting, and a true personal story written by Janet Jackson.

To her, it's a self-help book instead of an autobiography. However, there are some extremely personal stories from within this book about Janet Jackson and her battles with self imagery. She admits to not loving the way she looked. During her 20s, she would bang her head against the wall because she didn't liked the way she looked. She also talks about growing up as an emotional eater, which she still is to this day.

Most of us know about the dramatic weight loss stories she went through for many years. One day, we see her gaining a couple of pounds, but still working hard to keep it off. Then we see her on the cover of a magazine months later and feel absolutely stunned at her transformation. Of course, it wasn't that easy. There were some hard eating habits she had to change.

Not only that, but she talks about her career choices. My favorite passages was when she talked about the Control era to The Velvet Rope era. Her life has been all about staying disciplined and not looking back. That's what I love about Janet Jackson to this day.

If you are a true Janet Jackson fan you will love this book. I did and I am so proud of everything that she's done. Not only that, but she will also get a chance to eat what Janet Jackson eats all the time. When I saw Oatmeal Pancakes on the first page of the recipe section of the book, I wanted to cook it already. However, I decided not to because I knew I was going to go crazy in the kitchen if Idid.

Overrall, this book is a must read. It's an amazing journey and I wish Janet Jackson with nothing but the best of luck. I read at the end that there will be more books. I sure hope so.

The Rated R Girl Clique

There are times when I feel terrible for the 21st century. Most people call me a lucky one because I was born around a generation where teenagers appear to have lost their minds. Sometimes they feel like I was born in the 1989 instead of 1991 because of how different I am from the 90s kids.

The one thing that appears to have never changed is a woman's mouth. It is already known that a man's hands is a woman's mouth when you put it in abusive terms. After what I saw last week, it's obvious that certain girls haven't learned their lesson.

It was around the middle of a huge event here at the city. The tourist attractions down here is crazy. It would take me half a minute to get to the next block. That's how many tourists are around the city. I couldn't even go to my favorite restaurants because it's always full.

I walked past this hotel and ran into what I like to call "Skateboard Block."

Every time I go on that block, skateboarders play on it every weekend. It's a crazy place to walk past. I walk past that block in order to get to the movie theater to watch my favorite movies. One skateboarder happened to be riding past me on the street. I looked up ahead and there was a large hole up ahead. When I saw him heading in that direction I wanted to tell him, but I was too late.

His skateboard got caught in the hole and he almost landed on his head. Luckily, he regained his balance and didn't fall down. I asked him is he was alright. He said he was fine.

All of a sudden this girl clique happened to have seen the same thing.

"Are you alright baby?" one of the girls asked.

The guy waved at them and continued on. I then started to walk away, but not before I heard the next thing came out the girl's mouth.

"I hope he's alright. But then again, he's wearing G-Knights. So I don't give a f$%k about him."

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Movie Review: Madea's Big Happy Family

After a long day of work, I went straight to the theater to watch the 10:30 show Friday night. It was a long week of work. So I was looking forward to a good night of laughter. I have seen the play numerous times. So I was really looking forward to seeing the film. Once the first five minutes started, I instantly fell in love it.

The film is just like the play, but a whole lot better. I can honestly say this is Tyler Perry's best film to date. The visuals were absolutely stunning. The performances from everyone was on point. There was not a boring moment at all. Tyler Perry has made comedy and drama a perfect chemistry in this film. When the right moment came, I felt it.

Madea is still out of control, but it's enjoyable for me to see. She is the not the same out of control like the last few films. She's a little more stable, but her dialogue is on point. I was always dying for the next line to come out of her mouth. Whatever it was, I knew I was going to fall to the floor in the movie theater. I fell down a few times at this movie.

I love Tyler Perry and all of his films. Madea's Big Happy Family is his best film to date. Madea becomes even more lovable in this movie. Matter of fact, everyone is lovable in this movie.

I just read that Tyler Perry signed a deal with Lionsgate to do more movie surrounding Madea. If he continues bringing out movies like this, I am one of those die hard fans that will never get tired of seeing these movies. Madea's Big Happy Family is a must see film for the year.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Don't Eat The Apples

Have you ever been to a grocery store and you wanted to immediately eat the food that is being displayed right in front of you? You're never told when you are a little kid to not eat the food in front of you. So the first thing that pops up in your head is that these things are free for the taking. After all, when you pass by a section of the store where they are giving out free samples, you think everything is free. They don't tell you that you are not supposed to eat them. They didn't tell me that and I almost caused chaos in a general store.

I remember being very young going to the grocery store with my grandmother. I love my grandmother. She is what I call the rock of the family. I kind of adapted that from her. I became the rock when it came to my friends and coworkers as I got older. It all came from her. One day, I decided to go out with her to the store. Whenever I get the chance to hang out with my grandmother, I look forward to it.

While looking around the fruit aisle, I happened to cross by a few fresh apples. They were watered and taken care of before we got there. None of them was rotten. It looked like a fresh catch. My grandmother was on her way to get some fresh meat to cook later on. So I was alone with those apples.

At that point, I was very hungry. I haven't eaten breakfast or lunch at that point. I normally slept all morning and wake up in the afternoon during the weekends when I had no school. There was no sign telling me that I was not allowed to eat them. Then I looked over to the left. A parent reached for some grapes and let her children eat them. So you know what I was thinking when I just saw them eat those grapes.

I grabbed two apples and chopped down on them. They were so delicious and I found out seconds later that they were so wrong. By the time I got to the third apple, the people around me shouted out "No."

I knew then that I was in trouble. I ran upstairs into the clothing section. Surprisingly, my grandmother was up there as well. We stayed in there for two hours. She didn't once ask me where was I. I was completely safe. We left that grocery without any complaints.

They all say "You can have your cake and eat it too."

Well I had my apple and ate it too.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Are Soap Operas Fake or Masterpieces?

I have been thinking about this for a long time now. Ever since ABC announced that they were canceling the popular soap operas All My Children and One Life To Live, I began to self reflect.

What shocked me was that it happened the day after I was researching Susan Lucci, the most famous soap opera actor of all time. She has released her new book "All My Life," which just entered the New York Times Bestseller List. The rumors turned out to be false when they started to spread. Then out of the blue, the network announced that both shows are going to be canceled, and replaced with two new lifestyle talk shows.

After the announcement, I began to spread the news to a few of my closest friends. A few of them looked shocked, but I could tell a few of them weren't that sad. They looked at me and said "You literally watch that junk. It's like a repeat of the same storyline all over again."

I am admitting to be a member of a group of men who admits that he watches soap operas. The mixed responses I have received regarding the cancellation of the shows really shocked me. I don't think soap operas are fake. I may have been into it for only two years, but I don't see them making the same stories over and over again. Even though that might be the obvious thing to do since soap operas are daily shows, I don't see any of it.

Soap operas are kind of like serials. The serial genre goes from one direction to the other. It's never the same. There is always something new, fresh, and complicated being brought to a story. It is never boring and it continues to make your heart race. That's why I love soap operas.

I don't think soap operas are fake. I think they are masterpieces. What do you think?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Head Was A Swimming Slam Dunk

I love swimming. I am so excited every time I get the chance to go swimming. It's a hobby and a workout. But since I was born with an unusual life, you're thinking that there was a time when my life of swimming got a little out of control at least once. If that's how you feel then you are right.

Years ago, I was hanging out with a couple of friends on a vacation trip in Alabama. We were riding on a bus and heading to a youth hostel. When we arrived there, it appeared to have everything we needed in one place. We had three kitchens, numerous bedrooms, a tennis court, and a swimming pool.

The moment they said the place had a pool, I ran into my room and put on my swimming trunks. That was where I was every evening during the whole week we were at the youth hostel. Four of my old friends were also fans of swimming. So we decided to start with a little experiment.

We decided we could jump over a chair and jump into the pool to show each other our jumping and gymnastic skills. Once that stayed in my head we decided to go through with us. There were five of us in a straight line. I was the fourth person. One by one, we jumped over the chair, showed a trick, and splashed into the water. Knowing that I leap like a frog, I jump over and showed myself in some type of frog position before I splashed into the water. I had a whole lot of fun from the jumping to splashing in the water.

When I was in the water and stayed there for a couple of seconds, I began to realize that there was one more person next to me getting ready to jump in. The moment my head rose out of the water I saw her getting ready to jump in. Knowing that I was right there in splashing position, I dived down as deep as I could to prevent myself from getting hurt.

Sadly, it didn't work.

I dived as deep as I could, but the moment she landed in the water, her butt landed on my head. My head felt like a swimming slam dunk. Even though there was no damage I was laughing so hard while I was in the water. I had to rise up from the water in order to prevent myself from not drowning. I got out of the pool and continued laughing hysterically.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pajama Road Trip

Me and Midnight (my dog) have never been on a road trip. So right after this crazy incident we finally had our first road trip.

My mother asked one of her best friend's husband Troy to drop off some chairs that they used for a house party they were throwing two days ago. I wasn't aware that he was going to show up at the house. The way I knew is when someone rang the doorbell ten times and Midnight was barking surreptitiously at the door. It woke me up from my sleep instantly. I literally jumped out of bed and fell to the floor.

Since I was half asleep that point, I headed towards the front door to see whoever was there. While walking, he was still ringing the door bell, acting like I was still asleep. Once I reached the door I shouted "Alright you son of a gun. Stop ringing before the shoot through this door."

There was no more ringing after that. I opened the door and there was Troy telling me that there was a couple of chairs that needed to be picked up. I was so drowsy I didn't hear a word he said. All that was on my mind was picking up these chairs and letting Midnight go outside to use the bathroom. While outside, the wind was blowing like crazy. It was so strong it closed the front door the second I exited the house.

I grabbed a couple of chairs and started walking up the stairs. The first thing that was on my mind was to put these chairs inside and go back to sleep. Seconds later, I realized my plan wasn't going to happen. I grabbed the door knob and I discovered that the door was locked. I was outside in my pajamas locked out of my own house. Troy got frustrated when he realized what happened. All he wanted to do was get those chairs out of his Jeep and go back home.

Since I didn't have the key, me and my dog got into Troy's car and drove all the way to my mom's job, which was on the other side of the city. It was a wonderful road trip that was cut short once we got the key and had to go back home. While in the car, Midnight was running all over the place. Then on three to four occasions, we opened the window and he had his mouth open while the wind was blowing. He wanted to get out of the car a few times by jumping out the window. So I grabbed onto his body and kept him from leaving.

It was an amazing sixty minutes that I would never forget. I hope Midnight and I can go on another road trip like that.

New Music| Aubrey O'Day "Automatic"

I knew from the very beginning that this wasn't going to be the last time we heard Aubrey O'Day. I don't care with anyone say about this girl. She is a talented individual who is going to be a smash this year.

She is already a successful reality star from Making The Band to starring in her own show All About Aubrey. Now she is back to doing what she calls her passion and first love. That is her music. She just debuted herfirst single "Automatic" and is already becoming a smash hit in my head. From the first time I listened to this song, I just knew that everyone I knew had to listen to this song.

What I love about this song is that it's a pop song with a good kick. It's a combination of brilliant vocals and amazing beats. I have played this song literally ten times and I am sure that it's going to be twenty in a few minutes. I love Aubrey O'Day and I look forward to some new music. I hope you guys agree with me.

Come check out her debut single "Automatic."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First Cooking Class Almost Burned Down

When I was in cooking class for the first time during my freshman year in high school, I was looking forward to it. I wanted it to be one of the most memorable days of my life. One hour later, it truly became one of the most memorable days of my life.

The first thing I learned how to cook was Sticky Buns. The teacher gave me the recipe on a sheet of paper and gave me the instructions step by step. I was so excited and didn't waste any time going to the kitchen to start cooking. Everything appeared to be going well. I followed everything step by step. I didn't leave anything out that was on the paper. Most people would avoid taking one ingredient and hope for the best that the food would still taste good. I wasn't one of those people. I made sure everything was in the measuring cup.

Then it was time to put the mixture in the microwave. The recipe clearly stated to warm it up for two minutes. Not three minutes or four minutes. Two minutes have passed and things didn't look the way it was supposed to. It looked like a plain dry mixture of food. According to the recipe, it was supposed to melt.

Feeling like a failure, I set two more minutes on the microwave. One minute later, I began to see black smoke coming out of the microwave. The pressure was so high the microwave started shaking uncontrollably. If I kept it on for another minute, that microwave would've set itself on fire.

I opened the microwave and the black smoke turned on the metal detectors. Everyone looked at me like I was on an episode of Intervention. It turned out not only was I was the first person at that school to fail at the first recipe, but I was the first person to almost set his first cooking class on fire.

Lesson to everyone: Follow all the recipes.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Doesn't Going To The Bathroom Hurts Sometimes?

I knew that one day I was going to have to talk about the negative side of going to the bathroom. As much as I loved talking about how good it feels sometimes going to the bathroom, there is also a negative side.

One day, I was going to the bathroom after eating a whole lot of Southern food. That was the immediate red flag to causing a catastrophe inside my stomach. Still to this day, I eat a whole lot of Southern food. As much as I try to resist eating them, I can't. I have been born and raised my whole life in New Orleans, Louisiana. Even though New Orleans is a city, Louisiana is a southern state first and foremost.

Not only that, but my metabolism is really speeding up. I have to eat twice as much in order to maintain my body. With everything going on with me, it's impossible for to resist eating Southern food.

I went into the bathroom and there were times when I thought I was going to die. I was holding my breath for a long time, waiting for everything to come out. My rib cage felt like it was going to pop out of my body. I wanted to scream to the top of my lungs, but I didn't. The insides of my butt felt like it was visiting the outside world for the first time. It was horrible.

Then there came the worst part. I felt like everything that wanted to come out didn't come out. In order to make it all go away, I covered three of my fingers with soap and swiftly rubbed the inside of my butt. Everything came out but my butt felt bruised. By the end of my crazy session, I ended up crawling out of the bathroom with the biggest pain in the butt I have ever felt in my entire life.

I'm sure you guys have never experienced something like this, but I have to ask you. Doesn't going to the bathroom hurts sometimes?

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Pancake Challenge I Almost Lost

It was a long night of working with Carl and I. Carl is not my friend's real name, but I chose to give him a different name. Carl is one of my friends that I work with overnight. The one thing I know about Carl is that he will work 24 hours a day and still be alright. That's one thing I like about our friendship. We are both in the circle of people that only needs four or five hours of sleep.

Carl's other friend Jerry was also with us. I was writing down reports and they were handling the budgeting of whatever market they were dealing with. We both work in a building Uptown that Carl owns. So when it comes to learning about the amount of money he spends or puts in a budget, that's something we don't discuss. I completely understand where he's coming from. I'm the same thing. No matter where I work or how much money do I make, I don't tell anyone about it. I don't tell them where I work or tell them how much money do I make. I am an open book person, but those are the top two things that I don't discuss. Maybe there are a couple that do, but I am not one of them.

The three of us left and decided to go out to eat. Sadly, all the restaurants around us were closed up. So we all decided to go to IHOP on the other side of the city.

While inside, we decided to order up our food. There was this special thing on the menu that was kind of like an all you can eat buffet for one person. The menu stated that I could have three pancakes per plate as long as I finished the plate I was already eating. That meant the moment I finished eating one plate they will give me a new plate of pancakes free of charge.

Knowing pancakes is my favorite breakfast, it was like a dream come true. But for Carl and Jerry, they considered it a challenge. So they decided to put it to the test. If I could eat at least eight pancakes it would prove to them that I have a big stomach. Since I was full of confident that night, I accepted their challenge. I am only 5'5, but I really love to eat. It comes from my Southern traits. We Southern folks love to eat.

The pancakes arrived and I already began eating. I finished the first plate in only a few minutes. Then came the second plate. There were only three of them. Carl decided to be generous and give me one of his so it will be a total of eight that I've eaten. Midway into eating the second plate, my stomach already felt full. The reason why was because I had the first plate along with a combination of scrambled eggs and sausages.

There I was about to lose a challenge. My stomach couldn't take it anymore. I was getting ready to give up. But I felt an extra opening in my stomach. So I took a deep breath and ate that pancake like a wilderness survivor.

I cleaned my napkin with my face and said "Where is the check? You're paying for it."

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Factoidz: How To Have A Better Sex Life

In this article, I give you guys tips on how to have a better sex life. There always comes a time in our life when we need to make a few changes in our lives. Our sex lives are one of those things that are included.

Click on the picture to read the article.