Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Does Anyone Miss High School?

Honestly, there are things back in high school that makes me want to burn the entire school down. Those four years were honestly the worst years of my life. The one thing that still surprises me is that even after I was hurt on a regular basis, I was still voted the most friendliest person in the entire school. It was completely shocking to get that award.

However, even though I went through terrible times in high school (bullying, teasing, mocking, fake friendships), I will be honest and say that there are some moments I miss about those days. I miss all the friends I made back then. I'm talking about true friends. I remember sitting down at this table and there were all seven of us enjoying each other's company. Every time we sat together at that one table I never wanted it to end.

I also miss the projects we had to turn in. I just loved the whole feelings of having to get a term paper done in less than three days. I had to study for an upcoming test. So I took notes consistently while waiting for the day to come. Even though the test was only in two weeks, I would give myself three days to know everything before it all happens. I grew up in a early bird background. It's kind of in my blood to do things as early as possible. Even though I tended to get things done alot earlier than expected, I just loved that feeling of having to get things done quick.

Another thing that amazes me is that crazy rumor that was spread about me. Most people assumed that I was having an affair with at least five different teachers because I was friends with them. That is absolutely insane, but it was funny at the same time. A part of me kind of expected that to happen. I have grown up around adults since I was little kid. Due to my history of being bullied, I confided in my teachers and hung out with them most of the time. I was five years old and friends and with a fourty years old teacher.

The craziest of them all is that one teacher. I remember absolutely dispicing this one teacher. His teacher methods were a little insane. Me and him butted heads a few times. Then by the end of the entire high school life, we ended up becoming great friends. I completely understood him and I learned to accept him.

It's time like that that makes me respect high school more than resent it. I am happy to be class of 2009, but I am extra excited just to be out of there.

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