Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First Cooking Class Almost Burned Down

When I was in cooking class for the first time during my freshman year in high school, I was looking forward to it. I wanted it to be one of the most memorable days of my life. One hour later, it truly became one of the most memorable days of my life.

The first thing I learned how to cook was Sticky Buns. The teacher gave me the recipe on a sheet of paper and gave me the instructions step by step. I was so excited and didn't waste any time going to the kitchen to start cooking. Everything appeared to be going well. I followed everything step by step. I didn't leave anything out that was on the paper. Most people would avoid taking one ingredient and hope for the best that the food would still taste good. I wasn't one of those people. I made sure everything was in the measuring cup.

Then it was time to put the mixture in the microwave. The recipe clearly stated to warm it up for two minutes. Not three minutes or four minutes. Two minutes have passed and things didn't look the way it was supposed to. It looked like a plain dry mixture of food. According to the recipe, it was supposed to melt.

Feeling like a failure, I set two more minutes on the microwave. One minute later, I began to see black smoke coming out of the microwave. The pressure was so high the microwave started shaking uncontrollably. If I kept it on for another minute, that microwave would've set itself on fire.

I opened the microwave and the black smoke turned on the metal detectors. Everyone looked at me like I was on an episode of Intervention. It turned out not only was I was the first person at that school to fail at the first recipe, but I was the first person to almost set his first cooking class on fire.

Lesson to everyone: Follow all the recipes.

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