Saturday, April 23, 2011

Movie Review: Madea's Big Happy Family

After a long day of work, I went straight to the theater to watch the 10:30 show Friday night. It was a long week of work. So I was looking forward to a good night of laughter. I have seen the play numerous times. So I was really looking forward to seeing the film. Once the first five minutes started, I instantly fell in love it.

The film is just like the play, but a whole lot better. I can honestly say this is Tyler Perry's best film to date. The visuals were absolutely stunning. The performances from everyone was on point. There was not a boring moment at all. Tyler Perry has made comedy and drama a perfect chemistry in this film. When the right moment came, I felt it.

Madea is still out of control, but it's enjoyable for me to see. She is the not the same out of control like the last few films. She's a little more stable, but her dialogue is on point. I was always dying for the next line to come out of her mouth. Whatever it was, I knew I was going to fall to the floor in the movie theater. I fell down a few times at this movie.

I love Tyler Perry and all of his films. Madea's Big Happy Family is his best film to date. Madea becomes even more lovable in this movie. Matter of fact, everyone is lovable in this movie.

I just read that Tyler Perry signed a deal with Lionsgate to do more movie surrounding Madea. If he continues bringing out movies like this, I am one of those die hard fans that will never get tired of seeing these movies. Madea's Big Happy Family is a must see film for the year.

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