Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Head Was A Swimming Slam Dunk

I love swimming. I am so excited every time I get the chance to go swimming. It's a hobby and a workout. But since I was born with an unusual life, you're thinking that there was a time when my life of swimming got a little out of control at least once. If that's how you feel then you are right.

Years ago, I was hanging out with a couple of friends on a vacation trip in Alabama. We were riding on a bus and heading to a youth hostel. When we arrived there, it appeared to have everything we needed in one place. We had three kitchens, numerous bedrooms, a tennis court, and a swimming pool.

The moment they said the place had a pool, I ran into my room and put on my swimming trunks. That was where I was every evening during the whole week we were at the youth hostel. Four of my old friends were also fans of swimming. So we decided to start with a little experiment.

We decided we could jump over a chair and jump into the pool to show each other our jumping and gymnastic skills. Once that stayed in my head we decided to go through with us. There were five of us in a straight line. I was the fourth person. One by one, we jumped over the chair, showed a trick, and splashed into the water. Knowing that I leap like a frog, I jump over and showed myself in some type of frog position before I splashed into the water. I had a whole lot of fun from the jumping to splashing in the water.

When I was in the water and stayed there for a couple of seconds, I began to realize that there was one more person next to me getting ready to jump in. The moment my head rose out of the water I saw her getting ready to jump in. Knowing that I was right there in splashing position, I dived down as deep as I could to prevent myself from getting hurt.

Sadly, it didn't work.

I dived as deep as I could, but the moment she landed in the water, her butt landed on my head. My head felt like a swimming slam dunk. Even though there was no damage I was laughing so hard while I was in the water. I had to rise up from the water in order to prevent myself from not drowning. I got out of the pool and continued laughing hysterically.

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