Friday, April 8, 2011

The Pancake Challenge I Almost Lost

It was a long night of working with Carl and I. Carl is not my friend's real name, but I chose to give him a different name. Carl is one of my friends that I work with overnight. The one thing I know about Carl is that he will work 24 hours a day and still be alright. That's one thing I like about our friendship. We are both in the circle of people that only needs four or five hours of sleep.

Carl's other friend Jerry was also with us. I was writing down reports and they were handling the budgeting of whatever market they were dealing with. We both work in a building Uptown that Carl owns. So when it comes to learning about the amount of money he spends or puts in a budget, that's something we don't discuss. I completely understand where he's coming from. I'm the same thing. No matter where I work or how much money do I make, I don't tell anyone about it. I don't tell them where I work or tell them how much money do I make. I am an open book person, but those are the top two things that I don't discuss. Maybe there are a couple that do, but I am not one of them.

The three of us left and decided to go out to eat. Sadly, all the restaurants around us were closed up. So we all decided to go to IHOP on the other side of the city.

While inside, we decided to order up our food. There was this special thing on the menu that was kind of like an all you can eat buffet for one person. The menu stated that I could have three pancakes per plate as long as I finished the plate I was already eating. That meant the moment I finished eating one plate they will give me a new plate of pancakes free of charge.

Knowing pancakes is my favorite breakfast, it was like a dream come true. But for Carl and Jerry, they considered it a challenge. So they decided to put it to the test. If I could eat at least eight pancakes it would prove to them that I have a big stomach. Since I was full of confident that night, I accepted their challenge. I am only 5'5, but I really love to eat. It comes from my Southern traits. We Southern folks love to eat.

The pancakes arrived and I already began eating. I finished the first plate in only a few minutes. Then came the second plate. There were only three of them. Carl decided to be generous and give me one of his so it will be a total of eight that I've eaten. Midway into eating the second plate, my stomach already felt full. The reason why was because I had the first plate along with a combination of scrambled eggs and sausages.

There I was about to lose a challenge. My stomach couldn't take it anymore. I was getting ready to give up. But I felt an extra opening in my stomach. So I took a deep breath and ate that pancake like a wilderness survivor.

I cleaned my napkin with my face and said "Where is the check? You're paying for it."

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