Monday, April 25, 2011

The Rated R Girl Clique

There are times when I feel terrible for the 21st century. Most people call me a lucky one because I was born around a generation where teenagers appear to have lost their minds. Sometimes they feel like I was born in the 1989 instead of 1991 because of how different I am from the 90s kids.

The one thing that appears to have never changed is a woman's mouth. It is already known that a man's hands is a woman's mouth when you put it in abusive terms. After what I saw last week, it's obvious that certain girls haven't learned their lesson.

It was around the middle of a huge event here at the city. The tourist attractions down here is crazy. It would take me half a minute to get to the next block. That's how many tourists are around the city. I couldn't even go to my favorite restaurants because it's always full.

I walked past this hotel and ran into what I like to call "Skateboard Block."

Every time I go on that block, skateboarders play on it every weekend. It's a crazy place to walk past. I walk past that block in order to get to the movie theater to watch my favorite movies. One skateboarder happened to be riding past me on the street. I looked up ahead and there was a large hole up ahead. When I saw him heading in that direction I wanted to tell him, but I was too late.

His skateboard got caught in the hole and he almost landed on his head. Luckily, he regained his balance and didn't fall down. I asked him is he was alright. He said he was fine.

All of a sudden this girl clique happened to have seen the same thing.

"Are you alright baby?" one of the girls asked.

The guy waved at them and continued on. I then started to walk away, but not before I heard the next thing came out the girl's mouth.

"I hope he's alright. But then again, he's wearing G-Knights. So I don't give a f$%k about him."

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