Thursday, May 26, 2011

Airport Restroom Malfunction

This is something that will go down as one of the most personal embarrassments in my life. It's crazy to me how my life just jumps at me with unexpected humor.

Years ago, I was part of this performing arts program back in high school. We act, sang, perform, wrote songs wrote plays, the whole thing. We became so popular around Louisisana, we had an opportunity to perform for this school in Las Vegas. For me, it was an amazing thing. It was going to be the first time that I was getting on a plane and the first time I was going to be in another state other than Florida.

The trip was something I was really looking forward too.

Me and the rest of the performing arts crew hopped on the plane was ready to start going. I will admit that I was pretty nervous on the first flight. Who doesn't gets that feeling? In order to cope with my first time, I literally dranked a combination of orange juice and apple juice when it was being served to us. I was throwing them back like an alcoholic.

After those drinks, my mind began to feel calm. We landed in Atlanta, Georgia and walked over to the other plane that was taking us to Vegas. I didn't feel any sort of sensation. I felt fine. I sat in my chair, feeling fine and ready for take off. The second the plane was getting ready to fly away, my blatter was losing control. I knew at that moment that I needed to go to the bathroom.

Sadly for me, I had to wait two hours before we could land. I tried going to use the airplane's restroom. Apparently, there were some first time airplane people that lost control and started vomiting all over the place. I was trapped.

Two hours later, I ran off of that airplane like the Road Runner from Looney Tunes and ran inside a restroom. You might think it couldn't get much worse. Well it did. The second I unzipped my pants and then released, the urine started coming out in two places. My package and my butt. It was an unusual thing I couldn't believe happen to me. I never knew it was possible. Once I was done, I got back with my group and we finally made it to Vegas.

Honestly, I considered it a welcome to Las Vegas present. You never know what's going to happen when you get to Vegas.

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