Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Prayers Go Out To Joplin, Missouri

I have been thinking about this all weekend. I normally don't talk about topics like this on my site, but things are changing. Whenever a disaster like this happened I get emotional on the inside and I just want to hold everyone.

Joplin, Missouri have been ravaged by a tornado that hasn't caused this much distruction since 1947. I have been all over CNN listening to everything that's been going on. Of course, Anderson Cooper is right there on the scene. Youc an always count on him to be one of the first reporters to document these things.

This tornado season has probably been what I consider one of the worst seasons in many years. I have never seen so many get formed. I think it's some sort of record. The disasters that is has caused scares me every year when someone lives around those areas.

Once again, my prayers go out to everyone in Joplin, Missouri. We are coming over there to take care of you right now. This is horrible what you guys are going through, but don't worry about it. Help is on the way.

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