Monday, May 30, 2011

Ten Seconds of Bird Fights and Car Fights

Time is very important to everyone. You can do so many things in a certain amount of time. But the one thing that they don't tell you is that unexpected things can happen at the same time.

One day, I was leaving the library, checking out rock music and autobiographies. I left that place feeling extremely confident about my weekend. It felt like an amazing day. I was going to be reading and jamming like a rock star. I got on my bike and was leaving to visit a friend of mine who lives near the place.

The traffic light towards the end of the block turned red. So I stopped my bike and waited for it to turn green. While waiting I happened to see these two penguins chasing this scarecrow crazily. Knowing that I am a very observant person, I looked very carefully to see what they were arguing about. It turns out the scarecrow had some type of food in it's mouth and the penguins were fighting to get it. Obviously, the scarecrow was going to let that happen.

They flew past me and continued fighting with one another. I already had the chuckles after watching that. All of a sudden, the fight made my eyes stumble upon another fight. I looked over and saw that a truck was blocking the back of a car, doing it's best to get from behind it. The truck driver didn't care what was going on behind him/her. That person was going by his/her own rules.

Suddenly, the car in the back honked the horn. One second later, the truck honked back. The driver didn't give a crap and drive ahead. Once the car were gone I just lost. I was laughing hysterically on my bike. I took out my notebook and wrote down this story. It amazed me how two fights can happen in only ten seconds.

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