Thursday, June 30, 2011

Addict of Fiction: Can Harry Potter Pull A World of Warcraft?

Weeks ago, they announced it was possible the new project J.K. Rowling was releasing was a Harry Potter online game. A long kept secret that we kept on waiting to see. The day before the release date of the website, rumors were spreading that it was a online multi-player role-playing game. The rumors turned out to be false the very next day.

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My Alarm Clock Was A Hotel Strike

Years ago, I was traveling to Los Angeles with the creative arts program that I was a part of in high school. I was very excited about this trip. We received an opportunity to perform for a school in Los Angeles, and it was a wonderful way to experience how life was down there in Hollywood. Another thing that was exciting about the trip was that we were going to meet the writers of the crime drama Numbers. That was the icing on the cake. Getting the chance to meet actual screenwriters. Writing is my first love. It has been my first love since the day I was in diapers. I considered it another great learning experience.

We finally arrived in LA, and checked into our hotel. The second we arrived there my mentor dropped a Los Angeles bombshell. We arrived in Los Angeles around the start of the Writer's Guild of America strike. Most people would never forget that strike. Due to that, the writers from Numbers wasn't going to be with us. However, we forged ahead. I completely understood from a writer's perspective what that strike meant to them.

On the very first night, right after a big dinner from this Italian restaurant, I found out I was rooming with Fred, one of the other members of the program. In the beginning, I had no problem with it. That all changed five hours later when it was time to go to bed. Now I realized why everyone was begging me to be his roommate. The reason why is because he snores heavily.

It was hard for me to go to sleep during the first two hours. His snoring sounded like seven people were in the middle of having sex at the same time. Four pillows and two comforters weren't enough to get the snoring away from my ears. I was finally able to go to sleep a few minute after midnight.

Little did I know it was about to get worse.

Once I was getting ready to finish another great dream, it was suddenly interrupted by some loud noises coming from outside the hotel. In the beginning, I ignored the noises and tried going back to sleep. An hour had passed and the noises didn't go away. I was instantly irritated by what was going on outside. I looked out the window and there was a crazy strike being held outside. In the beginning, I thought the writer's strike came to the hotel. Two seconds later, I found out it was the hotel employees from taking a second look at their uniform.

A few hours later, the owner of the hotel gave us all a wonderful breakfast when we went downstairs to the lobby. It was the hotel's form of apology. While I was eating pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs, I just considered it very unusual. While the writer's strike was still going on, a hotel strike suddenly occurs during my first night in Los Angeles.

Talk about ironic.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Factoidz: How To Pass The Time

One day, you will look around and see that you got nothing going on. You finished all the work you had done for the day. There is no longer a deadline that needs to meet. Your desk doesn’t have a large stack of papers that needs to be filled out. You are seemingly done for the day.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Music Video: Solomon "Bang! Bang!

An amazing artist named "Solomon" just released his new album entitled The Love Rocker Project on June 28th. I have known this artist for quite some time now. The thing I like about Solomon is his diversity and positive image. His music is a complete stand out. Every time he releases a new track I feel like I am listening to a song that everyone deserves to hear.

He recently released a new music video for his single Bang! Bang!. The video is hard to describe. I fell in love with it instantly.

The lyrics are amazing from one line to the next. It makes a broken heart wanting to heal again. Even though it's a song about heartbreak it still makes you want to get up and dance. The imagery in the video is hard to resist. New York City is like a second home to me and I always feel this temptation to move there quickly. I will be there soon, but this video is truly tempting me. All for good reasons. The dancing is on point from beginning to end. We all have that fantasy of wanting to just dance around the streets of New York with no one insight. Solomon did in this video and every moment was wonderful.

Solomon is one original artist that has an amazing career ahead of him. I am one of his love rockers that looks forward to seeing what he is going to do next. Below is the music video. If you don't have his album you should get it.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Harry Potter, I Am Not Ready To Say Goodbye

I know that the final movie is coming out within a few weeks, but there is still a piece of me that is not ready to say goodbye to the one guy that is the reason why I am reading like a maniac right now.

Harry Potter has been in our lives for nearly a decade in a half. To be honest, I didn't know they were a books series when I was a little kid. Every time I came home from school I would turn on the television, and there would be a commercial saying the movie just came out on video cassette. It was around the time that VCR's were still popular and not being taken over by DVD players nowadays.

My parents bought me the movie and I was instantly addicted to it. Then when I found out there were a book series that the movies were based on, I added it to my fan collection without even second guessing it. It's been nearly a decade and I am still mesmerized in Harry's world. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, the final book in the series is my favorite out of all seven books. I can read it endlessly.

I saw the first part of the two movie series based on the book. It was very enjoyable. Only now that I am realizing that the final movie is coming out in three weeks. I am honestly not ready to say goodbye. It might have to take me the full three weeks to realize that the end is near.

I will be attending the movie's opening night. I will be there with all the die hard Harry Potter fans. We will cry, laugh, and applaud everything that will be happening in front of us. Harry Potter will forever be an iconic character in my life.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Music Video: Enrique Iglesias, Usher ft. Lil Wayne "Dirty Dancer"

Everyone around me knows that I love Latin pop music. Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and the list goes on and on. I always felt this connection with the Latin community that is hard to resist. So when I heard of Enrique Iglesias, I immediately jumped on the train. Every time I finish listening to one of his new songs or watching any of his new videos, I always feel so glad that I did jump on the Enrique Iglesias fan wagon.

No words can express how much of a fan I am when it comes to Enrique and his music. It's so creative and the lyrics relates to my personality piece by piece. Each story that he sings I can easily relate to.

I first heard "Dirty Dancer" on the radio and instantly fell in love with the song. I played the song online every second I could. Also, whenever it plays on the radio, I am out of bed and moving like a dirty dancer.

I finally saw the video and I was mesmerized. The imagery that is being played in this video is spell bounding. It makes you want to play it over and over again. Enrique and Usher had perfect chemistry in this video. It also clears up who sung which lyric. Enrique and Usher's voices sound the same on this track. Now that I've seen I know who sung which lyric.

They played a magnificent compliment to dirty dancers. Some of the imagery may look a little dirtier than expected, but I love it. The song is called "Dirty Dancer". So you have to show what it truly have to make the dancer get down and dirty.

Overall, this video is a masterpiece. You can replay it over and over again. I can't wait to see what Enrique is going to bring out next. Right now, I am just enjoying this wonderful material from Enrique and the equally talented Usher and Lil Wayne.

My Dog's Way Of Hiding From Thunder and Lightning

I am starting to get used to everything when it comes to me and my dog. After I watched that movie Marley and Me and I saw he was a little mini Marley, I decided to get a head start and be prepared for whatever surprises Midnight still has for me. Lately, I have been very successful but there are still somethings that I am still not used to. One of them is his fear of thunder and lightning.

One night, the clouds started to cover up the night sky. The sun was setting while I was heading home. You can see that a storm was coming. What surprised me was how beautiful the clouds were forming. It was like they were coming to collide peacefully and not cause a rainstorm. Then I remembered to never judge the book by the cover, no matter beautiful it looks. There was a storm coming and it was going to be ferocious.

I made it home just in time. Lightning started to cover the night sky. I looked out the window and the outside looked like it was being flashed by a jumbo sized camera. Then came the noises. I have become used to the noises, but Midnight isn't. Once he heard the thunderstorms and saw the flashes coming from outside, he started running all over the place, trying to look for higher ground. He jumped on the couch and then jumped on the very top. It was his way of trying to find a place to hide. Sadly for Midnight, the top of the couch wasn't big enough to hold him. So he was falling off the top simultaneously. He is just lucky that we have a carpet floor.

I thought that was all Midnight was going to do. I was sadly mistaken. Whenever I was leaving the room, Midnight would follow me around like an obsessed stalker. He was so scared that he didn't want to be alone. No matter where I was he would follow me and try not to leave my site. My office, my bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, etc.

Then when I finally got the chance to lay down and relax on the couch, Midnight jumped on the couch and started rotating around my stomach. He didn't realize that I made a sensitive stomach and stuff like that would slightly irritate it. Then he laid on it, as if my stomach was another one of his round pillows that he sleeps on.

The rain finally stopped and Midnight's scary phase was over. After everything that he did, I'm surprised I didn't run out the house to try and avoid him. It was a insane, yet memorable night.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

God And A Rainstorm

Most people that reads my blog knows that me and the rain are mortal enemies. This war between us has been going on since the day I can remember. The rain has tried it's best to drench me with it's watery terror, but it only managed to do it once.

A few days ago, the rain finally arrived. This time it brought company.

I was asked to volunteer at this community center I visit every now and then. Knowing me as a good friend, don't turn requests for friends. I immediately answered "Yes" on the phone and told them I would arrive the next day. Now that I think about it I am starting to get too many requests from my friends. At this rate, I am going to have to start charging for my services.

I left my house in a confident move. I started walking forward. Everything was fine. There was a large cloud in the sky, but I was sure that I could beat the rain. Four blocks away, the rain begins to pour down. Without an umbrella or a raincoat, the rain started coming down to my clothes and everything I was wearing sucked in all that water like a sponge.

I remember looking up in the clouds telling the rain "You finally caught me."

With no roof over my head, I decided to continue walking with all the the water continuing to add up in my clothes. I tried my best not to cry, but I will admit that it was a little difficult for me not to. All I wanted was to have a good day, but the rain finally decided to fulfill it's plan by having my day miserable.

I finally made it to the community center and that's when the internal anger was ready to explode. The second my hand touched the door the rain stopped on the spot. It was like the weather faucet was turned off and human nature decided to stop. I felt played and offended.

Ms. Gardner, one of the women that works at the community center opened the door to let me in. Then I said the one sentence that I believe informed me that the rain had some company.

"Why are you so wet?" she asked.

I looked up at her and said "I think God is playing with me."

Two seconds later, lightning struck near the center. We both jumped inside for safety. We both thought that strike was for me. While walking to the front, I kept thinking "Did I say something bad about God? I didn't think it was offensive."

In the end, the rain soaked me dramatically for the second time in my entire life. It was a day that I will never forget.

Monday, June 20, 2011

World of Warcraft Rehab Update

It's been a good couple of months, but I am doing my best to stay in World of Warcraft rehab. I can't help but say it has been a grueling couple of months. I only relasped once. I thought I was going to be able to last a year without this game, but it's still an ongoing battle.

I am doing my best to make sure that I am not going to repeat playing 27 hours straight, just like how I did it years ago. Most World of Warcraft fans will admit to you that this game is addictive. Why do you think the expansions keep selling records. We all love this game.

I am finding other hobbies. Just hopefully no one will aim some World of Warcraft game at me right now. I'm still not ready.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Future Forward: You Have To Make The Call To Your Friend

The one thing that I really do love about myself is that I am a friendship person. I love having a lot of friends. I actually have more friends than I had when it comes to relationships. My relationships are not even in the double digits yet. I love meeting new people that could possibly develop into a friendship. There is no limit for me. I love anyone that I can have an amazing conversation with. I will admit that there are times when it can get a little out of control. You're wondering what this person is doing because you haven't heard from them in a long time, but I do my best to keep it together.

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Your Kids Are Scared Of The Barber

Do you remember your first time going into the barbershop? I'm talking about when you were a little kid and your hair was everywhere. Your parents felt like you needed one. Then once you get there, you wanted to run for your life and stay away from what the barber was holding.

I will never forget that day. I remember my parents telling me that I was going somewhere and they were getting rid of something that they told me had to be removed. They didn't tell me that it was my hair that needed to be cut. They kept it a secret while on my way to the shop. While driving to the shop the car was silent as a ghost. No one was talking. The only thing you could hear and feel was the car driving past numerous speed bumps. Since I was a very small and the seat belts were broken, I was bouncing up and down the backseat like I was in a moving ball pit.

The car eventually stopped and we arrived at the barbershop. My stepfather put the car in drive, and both of them looked back at me with these weird look in their eyes.

"Look here Roque," said my mother. "We're at the barbershop."

"What's the barbershop?" I asked.

"It's a place where people go to get their haircuts," my stepfather spoke. "This is going to be your first day there. So don't cause any drama. We ain't got time for this."

He said it as if we just had an argument a few minutes ago. A part of me wanted to slap him in the face.

I know they say "You don't talk to your parents like that."

Well in that situation it should've been the other way around.

Since I heard that quote so many times a part of me wanted to say "You're not supposed to talk to your kid like that."

I may have been very young, but my vocabulary was beginning to outgrow me. It's amazing what happens when one of your first birthdays presents was a dictionary.

My mother then said "Trust me on this. When you walk out of that shop you're going to look like a completely different person."

That's where my mother went wrong. I didn't know about cartoons at that age. I was watching a lot of random stuff on TV. Horror movies were at the top of the list. So just think about it. A four year old who is obsessed with horror movies is being told "When you walk out of that shop you are going to look like a completely different person."

That's the kid's quote for "They are going to operate on you and never let you leave that shop."

Right after she said, I started trying to run for my life. I was running around the car like a road runner getting away from two coyotes. They managed to catch me every time. The barber even had a hard time. He tried to keep me down in the chair, but I wanted him to stay away from my hair. The process was very difficult. I was watching my hair flying off in front of my eyes. Once I saw that happening I felt like he was removing the hair in order to get me bald. That way, he can use that razor and finally open my scalp.

It was finally over, and even though it was clear that he wasn't going to operate on me, I still ran for my life. So consider this a lesson for all parents or relatives. If you are going to take your young one to the barbershop for the first time, expect the first year to be a crazy episode of your kids trying to run away from that razor.

Music Video: Lady Gaga "The Edge of Glory"

I am one of those little monsters that was waiting for mother to bring out this music video. I have seen the video for the very first time. All I have to say was that the video was well worth the wait.

Everything about this video is absolutely wonderful. It's very classic, but it still has Lady Gaga's touch to it. From the wardrobe to the lyrics to the scenery, "The Edge of Glory" is another amazing video for Lady Gaga.

The thing I most love about this video is the spirit of New York. Lady Gaga was growing up in New York City and you could see her tribute to her home city in this video. During the whole video, I could feel the spirit flowing through my veins. I have only been to New York for a few days, but it felt like home during those past few days. That's why I love those romantic comedies that sets in New York. There is always a connection.

Now this video wants me to pack up my bags and just move to New York with the only money I have on me right now.

I believe her grandfather would be so proud of her. This song was a tribute to her father and her video is the perfect addition to the amazing relationship she said she had with him. Congratulations on this video Lady Gaga.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Factoidz: How To Get In And Out Of The Barbershop Swiftly

I remember staying in the barbershop for hours, waiting for my turn to come. I would plant my butt right there in that chair and watch the clock reminding me how much time I have spent reading a book or watching CNN. You can look into other people’s eyes and see the same reaction. Some are getting impatient and wondering when their turn is going to come. They look at their barber and see how slow he/she is moving. There comes a time in anybody’s life when you have been waiting for so long, you want to set the entire shop on fire.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Factoidz: How To Be A Responsible Drinker

No matter how drunk you become you are still responsible for your actions. I know how it feels to be around people that drink. I grew up around friends who were the true definition of responsible drinkers. They were never out of control alcoholics. Whenever they came to a party, the music was flowing and the alcohol was pouring. Throughout the years, I’ve had to help them throw up in the toilet, make coffee for them after a hangover, flip them upside down to jokingly make it worse, but the point I am trying to make is that I been around drunk people.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Yard Was Full Of Actual Weed

When most people go into their backyards they expect to see a whole bunch of things. They see grass blooming over the place, meaning that it's time to mow the lawn. They see equipment that hasn't been put up yet. But not in anyone's life did they ever walk into their backyard to see actual "weed" growing back there.

I made it back home after another long day of work. I was so happy to get back home and just relax with my dog. It was Thursday, which meant that it was one thing. It was "Pasta Thursday". Every Thursday, I cook pasta for dinner. It's a habit that unexpectedly developed into a personal holiday.

I walked towards the side of the house to get to the backyard and park my bike.
Once I opened the door I saw a large jungle at the side of my house. It was obvious then that no one mowed the lawn and the grass was growing everywhere. I was completely shocked at what I stumbled upon.

"Hi Roque," my neighbor said unexpectedly.

"Nice to see you guys too," I responded. I have those type of neighbors that greet you every time you come pass them. I'm the same type of person when it comes to that.

"Looks like you have a jungle out there."

I had the yard door wide open. It was very clear for him to see from across the street.

"I know. There are so many crazy things going on in here."

Then he took a tiny gaze. There was something in my yard that apparently caught his eye.

"You might have to get a weed killer," he said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because it looks like you are growing actual weed in the yard."

I looked in the direction that he was pointing at. There in clear view were actual weed growing near my feet. It wasn't the type of weed that normally grows around gardens. It was the type of weed that people illegally smoke. The moment I saw that I lost all composure. I wanted to stay away from my house. I could not believe that actual weed was growing on the side of my house.

"Get them out of here," I responded. "Light the heck out of it. Set it on fire. I want it away from my house."

I was ready to run into my house and grab a match. Then I realize what happens when you set weed on fire. If they happened to catch fire I would have been falsely arrested for possessing it. I manage to get rid of it in a few days. Ever since then I have been making sure that someone is there to mow my lawn once the yard starts to bloom like crazy again. Especially on the side of my house.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Unusual Introduction

You have no idea in the world how someone is going to present themselves to you. It's all about the introduction. That becomes the problem. You have no idea what type of introduction they are going to give to you. It can end up nice or ignorant. In my case, it turned out ignorant and unusual.

But then again, what else is new about my life.

One day, I was walking over to this convention center that I was volunteering at for the day. I have been volunteering there for over two years now and it still feels fresh and new everyday. You have to be an extremely tough skin and patient person to be able to handle dealing with a large group of kids. I have never once cracked. Those kids can try but it's just not going to happen.

I was right around the corner from the center when I saw this jeep heading my way. Inside, there was a woman that spotted me walking towards the corner. I don't know what got into her, but it led to hear turning the music on high, and dancing like she lost her mind. That was seemingly her way of introducing herself.

I looked up after hearing loud music and I saw the jeep heading my way. I then saw the woman riding the car. I didn't want to be rude. So I decided to wave at her once the jeep was right next to me.

The car stopped and she waved back at me. Then she decided to give me the correct introduction.

She put both of her hands tight on the wheel. Then she raised her leg high in the car. She put her foot and drove off, screaming to the top of her lungs. It was a freaky and unusual way to see this woman for the first time.

Once she drove away, all I said was "Nice to meet you too."

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Future Forward: Don't Judge It Until You Eat It

There is always a time in our lives when we would look at something and feel like turning the other way without thinking about trying whatever it is in the beginning. For some of us, we feel like we are over it. Then later on we realize that it is an ongoing battle that we have to face for a very long time. The only difference is that now it has become a moment instead of an ongoing lifestyle problem.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Factoidz: How To Make It To The Altar

One of the most beautiful moments in an individual’s life is to walk to the altar, exchange vows, and showing the world that two amazing people are getting married. Before you actually get a chance to walk down the aisle you have to go through a few steps to make the ceremony special. There are wedding invitations, renting a location, parties, dinners, etc.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Surprise From A Car

You never know what happens when you are just riding in the car with one of your friends, heading home after a long day of work. Something unusual can happen out of the blue.

My friend and I were riding in the car together after working a night shift. We were both completely exhausted and we didn't think about anything related to work. The only thing that was on our minds was that GPS system leading us to our houses. Although, we were having conversations about pop culture and what was going on in the city.

I'll call my friend Tom.

While driving, we were all of sudden jumping when a group of individuals pulled up towards us on the left side of the road, and yelled at us on the other side. I thought for a second that they were drunk because of the way they yelled. I hung out with a lot of drunk people to know how they yell. They were like a biker gang in one car. They drove away as fast as they could to stay away from us. Sadly for them their escape plan backfired.

The cars were completely packed on the left side of the road. Tom and I were riding on the right side and there were no cars in front of us. Knowing that they were trap, we decided to see the aftermath. We weren't angry of anything. We were in fact laughing about the whole situation. But we wondered how funny it would be to see they look on their face when they realized they weren't going anywhere. Tom drove up as fast as he could until we finally made it to the car.

Tom put his foot on the brake and we drove past them slowly, as if life was temporarily in slow motion. We looked out the window and the entire gang in their van stood still as a statue, feeling totally embarrassed that their plan backfired. We drove up ahead and laughed our way back home.

It was the perfect goodnight gift.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cherry Bombs

Even though I am a young man, I grew up in an adult background since I was little kid. Growing up, I was teased, mocked, and bullied from peope who were around my age group. So I was always the person who confided with my teachers and became friends with them. I was five years old hanging out with my fourty year old teacher.

That kind of started this lifestyle I created. I am nineteen years old now and I still have older friends. My youngest friend is twenty four and my oldest one is fifty. In the dating department, my limit is at least five years older than me. It has never been a problem with me to have older friends. My maturity level has progressed alot faster than I expected. However, there are times when hanging out with your older frends might be a little too much.

One night, I was hanging out with an older friend of mine who was fourty years old at the time. I was just entering nineteen when we first met. The both of us were bored. So we decided to call a couple of his friends and head to this tiny restaurant/bar in the middle of the city. I really don't go to large places. I really enjoy going to low key places where it is all about hanging out with your friends and enjoying each other's company.

While inside, we decided to play pool. Some people don't realize, but I am highly skilled at pool thanks to Bill, my fourty year old buddy. He was a great person and I learned alot from him. But him and his friends tended to forget that I was only ninteen.

During the second game, George, Bill's best friend, brought over two cups of a drink known as Cherry Bombs. I didn't know what it was at the time, but he still wanted me to try it out. After the first sip, I realized it was vodka mixed with cherries. I became a part of those group of teenagers that was drinking under 21. Good thing I only drunk one cup.

Then they wanted me to take shots of the remains. They squished the cherries and made the juice good enough for you to drink. I was given two shots.The first shot was great. It had this endless taste to it. Then the second shot came and it was mayhem. I raised the glass so high, the juice landed in my right eye. My eyes started burning like a volcano. I needed some water to cool it down. In a couple of seconds, I grabbed onto this cup that looked like water and sprinkled it into my eyes. Seconds later, I realized that it was Sprite that I poured into my eyes.

At that point, my eyes wanted to pop out. I retreated to the restroom to find the sink and use the water from that. Remember when I told you that it was a small place? Well the moment I walked into the restroom, I saw that there was a toilet and no sink. I was really burning at the point. Luckily, the tears I was producing down washed the juice away. I didn't cause a scene and I continued playing a magnificent game of pool.

It was my first experience with a Cherry Bomb drink.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Does An Individual Deserves Infinite Chances?

I honestly don't believe that a person deserves infinite chances. No matter if it is a family member or your best friend it just doesn't feel right. When you have a person who hurts you the first time, it's obvious that you would give them a second chance. When they do it the second time you give them a third chance. Then the cycle goes on and they hurt you on purpose four, five, six, seven, and a hundred times.

It's kind of crazy to me what a human can go through and how long they can take it. Some people can take over a hundred hurts and they'll be alright. That is until they explode right in front of you. After all, a human being can only take so much.

There are individuals in this world who hurts you on purpose. Then they expect you to give them another chance because of this close relationship between the two of you. Mother, father, son, best friends, neighbors, and the list goes on and on.

When it comes to life, I can't help but wonder. Does an individual deserves infinite chances?