Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cherry Bombs

Even though I am a young man, I grew up in an adult background since I was little kid. Growing up, I was teased, mocked, and bullied from peope who were around my age group. So I was always the person who confided with my teachers and became friends with them. I was five years old hanging out with my fourty year old teacher.

That kind of started this lifestyle I created. I am nineteen years old now and I still have older friends. My youngest friend is twenty four and my oldest one is fifty. In the dating department, my limit is at least five years older than me. It has never been a problem with me to have older friends. My maturity level has progressed alot faster than I expected. However, there are times when hanging out with your older frends might be a little too much.

One night, I was hanging out with an older friend of mine who was fourty years old at the time. I was just entering nineteen when we first met. The both of us were bored. So we decided to call a couple of his friends and head to this tiny restaurant/bar in the middle of the city. I really don't go to large places. I really enjoy going to low key places where it is all about hanging out with your friends and enjoying each other's company.

While inside, we decided to play pool. Some people don't realize, but I am highly skilled at pool thanks to Bill, my fourty year old buddy. He was a great person and I learned alot from him. But him and his friends tended to forget that I was only ninteen.

During the second game, George, Bill's best friend, brought over two cups of a drink known as Cherry Bombs. I didn't know what it was at the time, but he still wanted me to try it out. After the first sip, I realized it was vodka mixed with cherries. I became a part of those group of teenagers that was drinking under 21. Good thing I only drunk one cup.

Then they wanted me to take shots of the remains. They squished the cherries and made the juice good enough for you to drink. I was given two shots.The first shot was great. It had this endless taste to it. Then the second shot came and it was mayhem. I raised the glass so high, the juice landed in my right eye. My eyes started burning like a volcano. I needed some water to cool it down. In a couple of seconds, I grabbed onto this cup that looked like water and sprinkled it into my eyes. Seconds later, I realized that it was Sprite that I poured into my eyes.

At that point, my eyes wanted to pop out. I retreated to the restroom to find the sink and use the water from that. Remember when I told you that it was a small place? Well the moment I walked into the restroom, I saw that there was a toilet and no sink. I was really burning at the point. Luckily, the tears I was producing down washed the juice away. I didn't cause a scene and I continued playing a magnificent game of pool.

It was my first experience with a Cherry Bomb drink.

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