Monday, June 27, 2011

Harry Potter, I Am Not Ready To Say Goodbye

I know that the final movie is coming out within a few weeks, but there is still a piece of me that is not ready to say goodbye to the one guy that is the reason why I am reading like a maniac right now.

Harry Potter has been in our lives for nearly a decade in a half. To be honest, I didn't know they were a books series when I was a little kid. Every time I came home from school I would turn on the television, and there would be a commercial saying the movie just came out on video cassette. It was around the time that VCR's were still popular and not being taken over by DVD players nowadays.

My parents bought me the movie and I was instantly addicted to it. Then when I found out there were a book series that the movies were based on, I added it to my fan collection without even second guessing it. It's been nearly a decade and I am still mesmerized in Harry's world. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, the final book in the series is my favorite out of all seven books. I can read it endlessly.

I saw the first part of the two movie series based on the book. It was very enjoyable. Only now that I am realizing that the final movie is coming out in three weeks. I am honestly not ready to say goodbye. It might have to take me the full three weeks to realize that the end is near.

I will be attending the movie's opening night. I will be there with all the die hard Harry Potter fans. We will cry, laugh, and applaud everything that will be happening in front of us. Harry Potter will forever be an iconic character in my life.

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