Friday, June 17, 2011

Music Video: Lady Gaga "The Edge of Glory"

I am one of those little monsters that was waiting for mother to bring out this music video. I have seen the video for the very first time. All I have to say was that the video was well worth the wait.

Everything about this video is absolutely wonderful. It's very classic, but it still has Lady Gaga's touch to it. From the wardrobe to the lyrics to the scenery, "The Edge of Glory" is another amazing video for Lady Gaga.

The thing I most love about this video is the spirit of New York. Lady Gaga was growing up in New York City and you could see her tribute to her home city in this video. During the whole video, I could feel the spirit flowing through my veins. I have only been to New York for a few days, but it felt like home during those past few days. That's why I love those romantic comedies that sets in New York. There is always a connection.

Now this video wants me to pack up my bags and just move to New York with the only money I have on me right now.

I believe her grandfather would be so proud of her. This song was a tribute to her father and her video is the perfect addition to the amazing relationship she said she had with him. Congratulations on this video Lady Gaga.

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