Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Music Video: Solomon "Bang! Bang!

An amazing artist named "Solomon" just released his new album entitled The Love Rocker Project on June 28th. I have known this artist for quite some time now. The thing I like about Solomon is his diversity and positive image. His music is a complete stand out. Every time he releases a new track I feel like I am listening to a song that everyone deserves to hear.

He recently released a new music video for his single Bang! Bang!. The video is hard to describe. I fell in love with it instantly.

The lyrics are amazing from one line to the next. It makes a broken heart wanting to heal again. Even though it's a song about heartbreak it still makes you want to get up and dance. The imagery in the video is hard to resist. New York City is like a second home to me and I always feel this temptation to move there quickly. I will be there soon, but this video is truly tempting me. All for good reasons. The dancing is on point from beginning to end. We all have that fantasy of wanting to just dance around the streets of New York with no one insight. Solomon did in this video and every moment was wonderful.

Solomon is one original artist that has an amazing career ahead of him. I am one of his love rockers that looks forward to seeing what he is going to do next. Below is the music video. If you don't have his album you should get it.

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