Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Dog's Way Of Hiding From Thunder and Lightning

I am starting to get used to everything when it comes to me and my dog. After I watched that movie Marley and Me and I saw he was a little mini Marley, I decided to get a head start and be prepared for whatever surprises Midnight still has for me. Lately, I have been very successful but there are still somethings that I am still not used to. One of them is his fear of thunder and lightning.

One night, the clouds started to cover up the night sky. The sun was setting while I was heading home. You can see that a storm was coming. What surprised me was how beautiful the clouds were forming. It was like they were coming to collide peacefully and not cause a rainstorm. Then I remembered to never judge the book by the cover, no matter beautiful it looks. There was a storm coming and it was going to be ferocious.

I made it home just in time. Lightning started to cover the night sky. I looked out the window and the outside looked like it was being flashed by a jumbo sized camera. Then came the noises. I have become used to the noises, but Midnight isn't. Once he heard the thunderstorms and saw the flashes coming from outside, he started running all over the place, trying to look for higher ground. He jumped on the couch and then jumped on the very top. It was his way of trying to find a place to hide. Sadly for Midnight, the top of the couch wasn't big enough to hold him. So he was falling off the top simultaneously. He is just lucky that we have a carpet floor.

I thought that was all Midnight was going to do. I was sadly mistaken. Whenever I was leaving the room, Midnight would follow me around like an obsessed stalker. He was so scared that he didn't want to be alone. No matter where I was he would follow me and try not to leave my site. My office, my bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, etc.

Then when I finally got the chance to lay down and relax on the couch, Midnight jumped on the couch and started rotating around my stomach. He didn't realize that I made a sensitive stomach and stuff like that would slightly irritate it. Then he laid on it, as if my stomach was another one of his round pillows that he sleeps on.

The rain finally stopped and Midnight's scary phase was over. After everything that he did, I'm surprised I didn't run out the house to try and avoid him. It was a insane, yet memorable night.

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