Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Yard Was Full Of Actual Weed

When most people go into their backyards they expect to see a whole bunch of things. They see grass blooming over the place, meaning that it's time to mow the lawn. They see equipment that hasn't been put up yet. But not in anyone's life did they ever walk into their backyard to see actual "weed" growing back there.

I made it back home after another long day of work. I was so happy to get back home and just relax with my dog. It was Thursday, which meant that it was one thing. It was "Pasta Thursday". Every Thursday, I cook pasta for dinner. It's a habit that unexpectedly developed into a personal holiday.

I walked towards the side of the house to get to the backyard and park my bike.
Once I opened the door I saw a large jungle at the side of my house. It was obvious then that no one mowed the lawn and the grass was growing everywhere. I was completely shocked at what I stumbled upon.

"Hi Roque," my neighbor said unexpectedly.

"Nice to see you guys too," I responded. I have those type of neighbors that greet you every time you come pass them. I'm the same type of person when it comes to that.

"Looks like you have a jungle out there."

I had the yard door wide open. It was very clear for him to see from across the street.

"I know. There are so many crazy things going on in here."

Then he took a tiny gaze. There was something in my yard that apparently caught his eye.

"You might have to get a weed killer," he said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because it looks like you are growing actual weed in the yard."

I looked in the direction that he was pointing at. There in clear view were actual weed growing near my feet. It wasn't the type of weed that normally grows around gardens. It was the type of weed that people illegally smoke. The moment I saw that I lost all composure. I wanted to stay away from my house. I could not believe that actual weed was growing on the side of my house.

"Get them out of here," I responded. "Light the heck out of it. Set it on fire. I want it away from my house."

I was ready to run into my house and grab a match. Then I realize what happens when you set weed on fire. If they happened to catch fire I would have been falsely arrested for possessing it. I manage to get rid of it in a few days. Ever since then I have been making sure that someone is there to mow my lawn once the yard starts to bloom like crazy again. Especially on the side of my house.

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