Thursday, July 7, 2011

Music Video- Beyonce "Best Thing I Never Had"

There is no stopping Beyonce. Even though she has the number one album in the country right now she is still staying busy. She just released her new music video for her song "Best Thing I Never Had" off her fourth album.

In this video, she talks about being glad she just avoided spending a long time with a relationship that was obviously not going to last. Throughout the video, she is preparing for her wedding day. She's all dressed up in sensual and seductive clothing before covering herself in her wedding dress. Then at the very end of the video she is feeling nothing but happiness once she married the man of her dreams.

The overall performance in this video is astounding. I have seen and watched a few weddings before. Before you are ready to walk down the aisle there comes a time when you begin to reminisce about past relationships. You begin to realize the journey you have gone through to get you to that point. There have been a series of heartbreak and loss of love. You feel like you are never going to be loved again or ever get the chance to walk down the aisle.

All of sudden, it comes someone that you would never expect to enter your life. Suddenly, you are now in that position.

Beyonce has done another great performance. She looks absolutely amazing for someone is turning thirty this year. I wish her support and more success.

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