Friday, July 29, 2011

Music Video- Diggy Simmons "Copy Paste"

I have grown up watching Diggy Simmons when he was still very young when he was on the reality series Run's House. I am probably one of those people who is completely shocked that he is all grown up now.

Can you believe he's sixteen years old?

He definitely show that he is all grown up in his new music video for his song "Copy Paste".

I will admit that the video caught me from the very beginning. I liked the technical creativity that was put in the video. It's quite a different look at hip hop. It's not all about being over the top or being somewhat hardcore. You can make a video and just experiment on it.

In the song "Copy Paste", Diggy is rapping about his individuality and constant diversity. Now every time someone notices it, they try to copy and paste, thereby making it their own. I can honestly say that Diggy made an excellent delivery with the song and video. The choreography in the video was quite a shocker, but I liked it. It'll be an extra plus for the almost shirtless scenes in the video. A few girls won't be able to resist.

Overall, I love the music video and I'm sure others will too. I can't wait for Diggy's album. I hope he hurries before this song blows over.

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