Monday, August 8, 2011

A Five Minute Classroom Reaction

When high school began, I was slowly turning into a grade grubber. A grade grubber is a person who fights for every single point in their grade, no matter how well they did. I never thought it was a problem. But apparently, it did for some people.

During my freshman year, I was at a high school in Florida for my second quarter. It still took me a little time to adjust to the high school over there. I noticed that they had very different teaching systems and methods than New Orleans schools. So freshman year was truly a pain in the ass.

It was English class. I had a whole lot on my mind during that day. We were just getting the grades from our English tests and classrooms. That was the only thing that was making me confident that day. No matter how much I tried to stay happy I was truly reaching my breaking point. I had no friends with anyone at the school. I was the ultimate high school outsider in Florida. Plus, I had to catch up with their work. It gave me twice as much work to do. It resulted in less sleep and a whole lot of paperwork.

On this one particular day, everything just finally caught up with me. I was finally ready to lose it. The teacher gave me all of my tests and classroom scores. I still can't believe that over there, they grade your classwork just like a test. I looked at the papers feeling nothing terrible was going to go wrong. I just wanted to have some good news.

Boy, was I wrong!

Each test was full of nothing but C's and D's. My anger just increased to the next level. I worked hard for a full week. I was hardly sleeping while getting prepared for these assignments and these were the scores I had. The teaching styles at that high school angered me. It was at that point that I just lost it.

Sitting right there in the middle of the classroom, I screamed out "WHAT!!"

All of my frustrations were released in that one outburst. I released everything in that one scream. Everyone turned around to see who was it that screamed. They stared at me for a full five minutes. I knew that because the clock was in clear view on the other side of the room. While they were still staring at me, I couldn't help but think about how weird it was that they were staring at me for five minutes without saying a word. Eventually, they stopped staring at me and continued working.

I have never screamed in the middle of class since then. I didn't have to. My parents told me that were moving back to New Orleans once the weekend was over. It was also the last time I ever was a grade grubber.

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