Friday, August 5, 2011

A Random Dirty Phone Call

For some people, the first phone call they would ever receive right after changing their phone numbers would be the following:

1. Friends
2. Family
3. Business Partners
4. Bosses that won't stop calling you for "love".

Not for me. My first phone call has to be out of the ordinary.

One night, I was doing business with my friend Harry. It was a few minutes before 7:00 p.m. We were both incredibly exhausted. Harry and I looked at each other and decided to go home. We are hardly ever tired. The two of us are workaholics who can be up in the wee hours on the night, and never be tired. If there comes a time when the both of us are tired and the sun didn't even set, that's when we know it's time to slow down, and rest for a while.

"Maybe we should go," said Harry. "We'll do the rest of this stuff tomorrow."

"I agree," I responded. "We've done enough for today."

"You got that right. We truly wore ourselves out for the last couple of days."

"Yeah. It's probably a good thing to get some sleep early."

"I agree. Let's shut this computer down and head on out of here."

He didn't have to say it twice. My bags were already packed. All I had to do was walk out the door.

"Wait," said Harry before I touched the doorknob. "Didn't you change your cell phone number?"

"Yes," I responded.

"Give it to me again. I think I forgot it."

I changed my phone number a few days ago because I kept on getting spam calls. For the past two weeks, there were multiple people calling me on the same number. I became so annoyed of that number, I just decided to change it all together. It was the first time I have ever changed my cell phone number on my own. I gave him my cell phone number and he was set.

A few seconds later, I'm getting a phone call that I am not aware of. It's a number I have never added to my contacts. I answered it.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hello you dirty birdy!" said the voice on the other line.

I felt puzzled.


"What pair of briefs do you have on?"


"You know what I said. What pair of briefs do you have on?"

"Aww....I think you dialed the wrong number."

"No, I dialed the right number. Now what pair of briefs do you have on?"

I hung up the phone right after that sentence. I chose not to tell Harry. A phone call like that was just too much for one night.