Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Alcoholic Hospitality At The Movie Theater

The one thing I love about this movie theater I go to is that you will never know what is going to happen. It's not chaotic, but it has it's funny moments every now and then.

The theater is a mixture of a restaurant, bar, and theater at the same time. When you walk over to get your tickets there is a bar over at the side. There are a couple of snacks you can order from there, but the real food is inside. Once you get a ticket, you are escorted into the theater. They give you a menu before you walk inside and escort you to your seat. If you are lucky to get a front row seat, there will be a foot relaxer waiting for you.

On the menu, there is a variety of food on the menu. From regular theater food straight to what you when you are going to a five star restaurant. That's how awesome it is.

The one thing that makes me laugh is the number of people that keeps on dropping their glasses of alcohol. They lean forward so much the glass falls down to the floor all the time. One time, I heard seven glasses fall to the floor. It was utterly hilarious the way it happened. To be honest, I think it's because they know that if it breaks, they get a free refill. They nearly finish their glass of wine. It falls and shatters to the floor. They report it to the waiter. In the end, they get a free refill.

That's the only piece of crap that happens all the time over there. Other than that, it's the best theater you would ever visit in your life.

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