Wednesday, August 31, 2011

General Store Burger Part 1

I am a multicultural person. I have friends of every culture, race, orientation, and gender. I love everyone and I love being friends with everyone. But here is the one issue I have. I understand that some people are still adjusting to learning the English language. It's completely fine. But if you are going to work at a general store where people are asking you what type of food they want you to make, make sure you learn the menu and the English language clearly.

I walked to the general store a few weeks ago because I have been hungry like crazy. I was recovering from a cold, which thereby forced me to stay at the house for an extended period of time. That's something I don't like doing. I'm not a person who just sits down and relax. I am always up and going somewhere. Taking a day off is something I am not familiar with anymore.

It was night time. The only thing that was on my mind was a double cheeseburger and some fries. I would've went to McDonald's across the street, but the drive-thru was the only thing that was open. I walked over to the side of the store where they make the burgers, ribs, and everything. In there was this woman who I could already tell was still learning the English language. Let's call her Jackie.

"Can I help you?" Jackie asked me.

"Yes," I responded. "Can I have the double cheeseburger combo? Can you please let the burger have nothing but cheese, ketchup, and mustard on it."

At this store, they have this combo that is $4.99. That's a double cheeseburger, large fries, and a 12oz drink that you can get for free. With taxes and everything, it would be a total of $5.08. I have been at this general store so many times, their taxes have become a part of my life.

It took ten minutes, but Jackie was finally done making the burger. She picked up an ink pen and started writing the amount down. Here is when I knew she was messing the order up. The burger and fries were in two small containers. There were large ones right next to her. She could put the burger and fries all in one, and then put the total amount on the top.

She gave me the two containers and there I saw the different amounts on each of them. Separately, the food is more expensive unless you order the combo. The burger alone is $2.99 and the fries are $2.20. All together, the amount would be more than the combo is worth.

I chose not to tell her that she was wrong and continued up ahead. A few extra cents wasn't going to hurt me. Later on, Jackie was going to realize that she was wrong. I paid for my food and little did I realize that it was just the beginning.

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