Monday, August 22, 2011

I Don't Want To Drive A Car

It's something that I have been feeling since the day I was born. I have never been interested in getting a driver's license or driving a car. When I was in high school and I saw all these teenagers driving the car they just picked out, I was always happy for them. I will never be jealous that they were driving and I was still riding the streetcar. I have never been like that. I would walk up to them and give them a congratulatory handshake.

One of the reasons that I know is the reason why I've been avoiding cars is because I have been in car accidents or seen car accidents from my childhood years to me now entering the new generation. My first car accident was on my way to school. I was inside a van and the driver hit us because he fell asleep. That day also turned out to be my 10th birthday. Nine years later, when I was leaving a dance show that my best friend was in, right there in clear view, I saw a five-year old boy get hit my a drunk driver.

Incidents like that kept me mentally paralyzed for days. Sometimes I would be scared to even cross the street. Whenever I am on the highway sitting in the passenger's seat, I would be terrified from the way cars drove past us in high speed. My stepfather at the time would drive incredibly fast, even during the turns. I would be scared of getting in the car with him.

Events are like are partially the reason why I don't want to drive. Of course, the other reason is because I never had any interest in it. It maybe hard to admit to some people, but it's not for me.

I have been riding bikes and streetcars since I started learning how to use them. I'm alright with it. Bikes are a wonderful traveling partner and a great workout partner as well. Trains and airplanes are growing onto me. A motor scooter and motorbike is the closest I will get to driving.

I'm enjoying life as it is, but don't picture a car being a part of it.

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