Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Forgot The Birthday Speech

I like any kinds of celebrations, especially birthdays. It's the celebration of the day you were born. That's an amazing day for whomever's birthday it is. So when I found out a friend of mine was turning twenty- one, I was ecstatic.

The day before my best friend's birthday (Let's call him Harry), my original plan was to buy a birthday cake, a pair of clothes, and a wonderful birthday card celebrating this amazing day for him. Another friend of mine said that he was going to buy the birthday cake. I just had to worry about getting the rest.

I trusted my friend and went to get the rest of Harry's gifts. During the next day, before I came to work, I went to go buy some designer clothes, and a birthday card. I love fashion and I know Harry does too. So I felt a new pair of clothes would be perfect for him. I didn't buy alcohol because his cousin had everything ready when it came to that. Not only that, but I knew I would get arrested if I tried to buy alcohol.

Obviously, I had to leave that one alone. All I told him was to give him a Skinny Girl Margarita, created by Bethenny Frankel.

I arrived at work and Harry still didn't know a thing. It was a few hours before it was time to give him the presents. My friend brought the cake like he promised and I had the gifts with me. There was only one thing left to make the day complete. The birthday speech.

I love writing speeches. It's another amazing way to show off my comedic and personal appreciation to whomever I'm writing it for. I spent two hours developing this amazing speech for Harry. By the time I was done with it, I just knew that this birthday surprise was going to be perfect, despite the fact that I don't believe in the word "perfect".

Three hours later, it was finally time to show off some birthday cheers. My friend closed Harry's eyes and brought him over to the conference room. The birthday cake was already there. All I needed to get was the presents and the speech. I got the presents, but I lost the speech. I had no idea where I put it. I couldn't find it anywhere.

So you know how I felt on my way to the conference room. I felt the birthday surprise was ruined. Everything didn't go as planned. I wanted to kick myself in head and try to remember where I put the speech. I was an emotional wreck.

However, I didn't let that get to me. I decided to go ahead with what I had and continue on with surprise. Harry got his birthday surprise and celebration. It was a huge success. There were no more problems. Harry felt happy, which made me feel happy.

Two hours later after cleaning up the mess, I found the birthday speech. Guess where it was? In the janitor's closet.

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