Monday, August 15, 2011

I Wanted That Game Boy Advance SP

Growing up, video games was taking over the school. Every one of my friends owned Yu-Gi-Oh! cards or Game Boys. Game Boys was the one hand held game that had to have. But not just any Game Boy console. You needed to have the Game Boy Advance SP. Sadly for me, I only had a Gameboy Advance.

Everyone looked at me like I was psychotic or confused. I wasn't up to date with the latest technology and I was playing with last year's console. You should have heard all of the comments that they've given me.

In order to prevent myself from being criticized every single day, I decided to buy an SP. But there was one problem. I didn't have enough money to buy one. With that out of the question, I tried to get the console the other way. It was another form of buying stuff. Trading.

Trading was the biggest thing in middle school and high school. If we didn't have any money, we would trade clothes, accessories, books, pencils, pens, cell phones, etc. It was the other thing to do around school.

One day, I ran into this guy that told me he was thinking about getting rid of his Game Boy Advance SP. It felt like a sign from God. After weeping for days about not having one, I considered it a perfect opportunity to finally get my hands on one. We talked for a while and we agreed on a trade. If I gave him $30 dollars along with half of my Yu-Gi-Oh trading card deck, he would give me the console along with a wireless cable, which will allow me to connect with another Game Boy console.

The next day arrives. I gave him everything we agreed to trade on. He gave me nothing but the wireless cable that day. He said that the game was charging that day and he would give it back to me tomorrow. For the next three months everyday, telling him when he was going to give it to me. I knew from the very beginning that he was lying to me. I just decided to return the favor by being all up in his ear every day until he gave it back to me.

In the end, he didn't give it back to me. Instead, he gave me my cards back and kept the SP. It was no problem with me. School already ended the year and I had a perfect addition to my Game Boy Advance.

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