Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Music Video: Lady Gaga "You And I"

Lady Gaga continues to make a change in the music industry. Her visionary moves are something you can't get my eyes off of. She has officially premiered her new music video for her song "You And I".

In this song, you talks about going from her hometown New York all the way to Nebraska to get her boyfriend back. I believe this is her most honest song ever. I've been paying attention to her lyrics and this love song is just so raw. So you know how excited I was when I saw the music video.

There are multiples scenes in this video. She portrays different characters from her boyfriend to a mermaid in a tub. In the beginning, I was slightly confused on what was the premise of the characters. By the end of the video, I finally understood everything.

Overall, this video is another masterpiece from Lady Gaga. I love all of her videos and I can't wait for more. I hope you guys enjoy the video the same way I did.

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earth22 said...

she looked funny.