Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Surprise From A Car

You never know what happens when you are just riding in the car with one of your friends, heading home after a long day of work. Something unusual can happen out of the blue.

My friend and I were riding in the car together after working a night shift. We were both completely exhausted and we didn't think about anything related to work. The only thing that was on our minds was that GPS system leading us to our houses. Although, we were having conversations about pop culture and what was going on in the city.

I'll call my friend Tom.

While driving, we were all of sudden jumping when a group of individuals pulled up towards us on the left side of the road, and yelled at us on the other side. I thought for a second that they were drunk because of the way they yelled. I hung out with a lot of drunk people to know how they yell. They were like a biker gang in one car. They drove away as fast as they could to stay away from us. Sadly for them their escape plan backfired.

The cars were completely packed on the left side of the road. Tom and I were riding on the right side and there were no cars in front of us. Knowing that they were trap, we decided to see the aftermath. We weren't angry of anything. We were in fact laughing about the whole situation. But we wondered how funny it would be to see they look on their face when they realized they weren't going anywhere. Tom drove up as fast as he could until we finally made it to the car.

Tom put his foot on the brake and we drove past them slowly, as if life was temporarily in slow motion. We looked out the window and the entire gang in their van stood still as a statue, feeling totally embarrassed that their plan backfired. We drove up ahead and laughed our way back home.

It was the perfect goodnight gift.

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