Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unrealistic Coupon Demands

One day, I went to the store to get some syrup and those Hawaiian Punch packs. You guys know what I am talking about. The kinds that you put in a water bottle, shake em up, and you have a drink right there. Well do you know that if you put at least three or four packs and add sugar in a one tank of water, you will have a drink that will last two weeks or more just like that?

I learned that when I was recycling a few large bottles. I felt I could use those bottles to a better use.

By doing that, I have saved so much money from purchasing beverages. I drink more than I eat. Ever since I made that discovery, I have been buying these packs like crazy. I may have a huge addiction to Vitamin Water, but the Hawaiian Punch beverage is the only beverage I drink that contains a lot of sugar. Sodas are completely out of my life.

There are eight in one box for only $1.00. If you only wanted to put them in bottles that means you can fill eight water bottles with it. I don't know about you but that is a good sale.

I grabbed what I wanted in the store and headed over to the cash register. Over there, this one woman appeared to have been occupying the employee's time.

"I understand," said the employee.

"No you don't," said the customer.

I walked right next to her. All I saw in front of them were the items and a coupon book.

"It's a waste of time doing all of this." She pointed at the coupon book. "Since you already know what I'm holding then you should have them already you should already cut those coupons out before you are done with your previous customer."

It didn't take me that long to realize that she was talking about the coupon book. Once I was looking at the book, I couldn't help but to roll my eyes behind this woman's back. This woman has many customers that brings multiple items. If there is a coupon for them, of course it would take some time for him/her to look around for them. They are not these robots would could think ahead of time. So I felt it was completely wrong for this woman to give her a demand that she couldn't do.

"Goodbye," she said finally.

I walked over to the employee working there and told her "Don't worry. You are not a robot. She was wrong giving you a demand like that."

She gave me a smile and started checking out my items.

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