Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Web Series- The Boys Who Brunch Epi. 1

It's been almost a year since I heard about this new series entitled "The Boys Who Brunch." I was one of those fans who were dying to watch this series. I have been watching previews at least five times a day. Now we finally get the chance to see it.

The show follows the story of this character named Mason who hangs out with his friends every day at brunch. One day, he proposes to his friends that they do a new challenge/dare every week. In the beginning, it sounds fun, but then things begin to unravel during these challenges. Now that everything is unfolding, Mason begins to really think that things really might just happen for a reason.

From the first time you see it, it will instantly be considered a mixture of Sex and City, Noah's Arc, and Queer As Folk folded into one. However, after the first episode, I truly believe will stand out on it's own. It fall under a category next to the other shows, but the stories are seemingly different from the others.

Below is the first episode of The Boys Who Brunch. I hope you guys enjoy it the same way I did.

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