Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Surprise From The Homeless

I have so many stories revolving around me and the homeless. This one happens to be one of my favorites.

One day, I was visiting this community center I used to work with during the summer. I haven't been there for quite a while. So I wanted to see how everything was going. Once I walked inside, there I saw Ms. Berry. Ms. Berry is this elder woman that works at the front desk. She is the nicest person you will ever meet in your life. It's quite amazing being around her.

Every time I see her it's like having a wonderful reunion.

"How are you?" I asked you.

"I am great," she responded. "It's so nice to see you again."

Our conversations are like the beginning of a Barbara Streisand song. It's always calm with a bunch of humor on the side. On this day, she was getting ready to leave. Ms. Serena, the janitor, was coming along with us to the exit. She was heading over to the French Quarter, so Ms. Berry decided to drive her there while heading home. On our way to the front door, we were having a couple of laughs, still talking about what we were talking about. I love catching up, especially when it leads to a four hour conversation. Don't judge me people!

We opened the door leading outside and there we saw this shirtless homeless man standing right outside the door. His white hair looked like spikes and he was incredibly skinny. The man freaked us out so much, Ms. Berry screamed out "Oh shit!"

It was the first time I have ever hear this woman cuss. The homeless man then tried explaining to us that he was trying to make a pass at us. We watched the door closed itself on him. The first few sentences were a complete blur. Our bodies felt completely frozen. It was a total shock what just happened to us.

We opened the door again and the man was still there. He stood there poised in a dirty way. He had something to say and he wasn't leaving until he said what he had to say. That was when he began explaining why he had his shirt off. It was extremely hot outside and his shirt was completely drowned in sweat. He was trying to take his shirt off, but we happened to open the door while he was in the middle of it.

"I ain't no crook," he said to us.

"Don't worry," I told him. "You explained everything. We got it all together."

Then he came out of the blue with this one question.

"Can you give me a dollar?"

I stood there with my right eyebrow raised all the way up. I was thinking "You freaked out us so much, our bodies are still frozen. Now you are asking us for money? Are you suffering from short-term memory loss?"

Ms. Serena gave the homeless man a one dollar bill and he ran towards the bus stop faster than I expected. The three of us walked away, trying to forget about what just happened. I have a whole bunch of unusual stories surrounding me and homeless people, but this one is a standout.

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