Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Airhead Scandal Failed

I have put together a list of stories that happened to me in New York. Each one is even crazier than the next. I've accepted the fact that my life is much unusual than any other person, but there are some things I've gone through that are incredibly shocking.

Here is one of them.

After finishing some work with my friend Nathan, I decided to head over to Times Square. We were working like maniacs in the apartment. It was time to take a break. I was surprised we finished so many things in only four days. Due to the hard work, I felt like we needed a break. Nathan however didn't feel like going. He said he's been used to the city so much, now it's starting to get a little boring. But he did ask me to go ahead. He wanted me to experience the city on my own and learn the traveling routes.

I will admit I was still a rookie at traveling. The subway system was a pain in the butt a little bit and I haven't seen any taxi cabs around where I was staying. I rode the subway and I finally made it to Times Square. I got so excited, I recorded a short video below about how I felt about Times Square.

One block into Times Square, I was already getting requests from the homeless. I was generous enough and gave this one homeless man a quarter. It's no problem with me to give people money. If you have change that is no problem to waste, go right ahead and give it to them.

By the end of the block, I ran into these three groups of men who stopped me from walking.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" he asked.

"Fine," I said.

He then began talking about this organization he is a part of. They are part of this performing arts program that is doing this separate thing to not only raise money, but to also teach them about marketing and promoting. Their first promotion were these Airheads. Three of them were for five dollars. The conversation then went on to him talking about not being a crook and that he is doing good things for the program. That's the one thing I don't like. If you are not a crook, stop saying you are. Show me that you are a good person instead of coming up with an excuse like that. When you talk that, that's what people are going to assume.

To be honest, I just wanted the conversation to end, and he wasn't going to let go of me until I bought something. So I took ten dollars out of my wallet to get the three Airheads that cost five dollars.

"You know," he started. "You can get six for ten dollars."

I didn't want six. I just wanted the three. He held onto the ten dollar bill I gave him, trying to convince me to purchase the three other Airheads. At that point, my patience was leaving quickly.

"Where is my change?" I told him.

He knew at that point I was getting angry. He gave me five dollars and that's when I started walking. All of a sudden, a friend of his, then tried to buy me out of those five dollars. The conversation was never going to end. As much as I love giving to charity, when you test my patience and start provoking, that's when I stop.

I walked away with then men saying "You suck. That's corny."

I was so mad at them, I threw away the three Airheads I bought from them and put it in the trash. I knew at that moment that it was time for a mental revenge. I walked over to Walgreens, bought Vitamin Water, and a box of Airheads that had six in one pack, spend one dollar and sixty-five cents, got in a taxi cub, and chowed down on the way to Madison Square Garden. The Airhead scandal failed miserably.


Christian said...

When it comes to the city, you just have to keep moving. If it get's rough, just play their game. If they're selling you something, you sell them something else. If they want you to sign up for something, ask them to instead sign up for something.

earth22 said...

that was dumb.they should be in jail.