Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Web Series- The Boys Who Brunch Epi. 3

My friend has premiered the third episode of The Boys Who Brunch. I have to admit that this is an awesome series. Every episode is on point and leaves me wanting more.

In this episode, you get to see how the friends first met. I always wanted to know how they met. Now we get the chance. Throughout many series, you always see these group of friends who appear to be having a wonderful time. They discuss their future when it comes to careers, friendships, and relationships. But there is always one question that pops up in everyone's head.

How did the friends first meet?

Once you start thinking about that, you'll find out another story already written. It will be like looking at a movie that was waiting to be developed. In this case, it's an episode of this wonderful series. Mike has done an amazing job and I so look forward to more future episodes.

Right now, enjoy another episode of The Boys Who Brunch.

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