Thursday, September 22, 2011

Web Series- The Boys Who Brunch Epi. 5

I may have been gone for a while, waiting for my unusual life to develop new unusual stories, but I couldn't resist telling everyone that the new episode of The Boys Who Brunch has premiered. This is the fifth episode so far, which is amazing. It's running just like an ordinary sitcom. Each week, you get a new episode. To me, that's just awesome.

In this episode, the dare finally goes into effect. The dare that Elliot insisted they do is finally going to happen. They each have to call an ex and hope nothing happens in the end. The character Mason wanted to add something new to their brunch, but Elliot is the one that offered the dare. They each agree and you will see each of them going forward with the challenge.

I will say that a few of you guys will be shocked at how far they will take the dare. Instead of being casual, some of the boys will take it to the extreme. There is a tiny mystery in every episode that I hope is going to come out soon. It's freaking me out. I hope that episode comes.

Until that episode comes, enjoy the fifth episode of The Boys Who Brunch.

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